Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm not dead, I promise

Blah at posting blogs  So, I forget when I last posted but I have been busy and not busy at the same time so thus no new posts.  I need to create a day where I just make like 3 posts or something each week all at the same time but then schedule them to post every few days so it has the illusion of regular posting.

Things that have been happening:
- started a new job (well, same job but another location added on to my previous location) I am covering some vacation time at another clinic and have the contract until December 31st, but I dunno if she'll want me to continue after that as well since the lady I am working under can't take new clients herself often because she's so booked.
- hubby lost his job, but it was okay because he never really quit his other job and thus was still on payroll and got hours again there.  It was still kinda scary there for a while because losing one's job is always annoying and emotionally painful.
- Hurricane Sandy came through our end of the province yesterday...had a bit of a power outage and blowy wind and rain but nothing as horrible as NYC
- I turned 26, which was rather uneventful and I feel old now.

I don't know what else to post....I finally got my first ever Topbox, which was actually disappointing and I was going to do a whole post about it and a review but I was just so disappointed by the samples that I am likely not going to post about it other than here.  They received a lot of negative feedback for that apparently so they promised that November's is going to be awesome and then gave us a code for $10 on their new store, but the code didn't work and I don't think I have gotten the new code or the working code or whatever.  But there isn't much in the store either so I'll just wait to use it anyway.  Customer service wise they seem good, so I have high hopes for the next month's.

Now, so this post isn't's one of a seasonally appropriate pumpkin which my father carved and then sent me and my sister's the picture since none of us live at home.

he was always very in to making them have ears

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