Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That's the last of it...

I don't think I shall move over the complete tutorials to this blog. I will just link to the other blog with finished picture looks. Does anyone know if you can do blog cuts here like you can on LJ? It would be nice so that when I do future tutorials or other super long posts I don't want it to take up the front page of my blog entirely. Ya know?

Mermaid Tutorial

Smoldering Tutorial

Smokey Eye Tutorial

Well there you go, folks. I think that's all the useful posts from my previous failed blog. If you do end up going there through these links there is a big picture post of my stuff, but it's way outdated and I while I still own a lot of the eye-related things, the rest of it is dead and gone.

- Love, Becka

Another one from my other blog

I always think of things to post about as I am doing makeup in the morning, but I don't blog until after classes are done. This leads to me forgetting what I was going to blog about and having to do more thinking while I sit with the "new post" open. Heh. So here's some filler from my old blog. All about easy makeup to get into.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slice and Dice Slacker

So I went to upload the pics of my haircut from my camera and....haha. I haven't uploaded pics to my computer since February. There were a lot of pictures. So here are the pics from my haircut.


Not a good pic of my hair, but basically you can see it's not that special of a haircut.

This was right before I cut it.


Not a fair comparison really because I straightened it and I normally don't. Haha.

Well there you go. Haircut. I didn't take off any length at all, just added loads of layers and got rid of some weight of the hair especially at the ends. And I trimmed my bangs a bit. All in all one of the best haircuts I have ever a) given myself and b) gotten in general.

- Love, Becka


So on Thursday my boyfriend came up for our anniversary of 5 years and he just left again today so I was....busy. Haha. He messed up my routine and thus I didn't blog. I barely went on the internet at all actually. So sorry. He was going to buy my some primer, but we didn't have time for shopping and when we did he was pretty broke so he's gonna give me some money to buy it when he gets paid. So I am looking forward to that. I have so much to do now that he's gone because I didn't do anything while he was here. For instance, where are those photos of my hair? Haha, I'm a slacker and they're on my camera still. I'll get those up tonight or tomorrow, I promise.

- Love, Becka

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review: True Match by L'oreal

Okay, so I am a bad girl and haven't uploaded my photos from my haircut yet. I am notorious for not uploading pictures. I'll take loads and loads and then never do anything with them except let them sit on my hard drive until I move them to my external hard drive where they "rot" away into nothing. Haha.

On with the review!

Brand: L'oreal
Name: True Match
Colour: N1
Cost: It was around 12 bucks at wal-mart.
What I liked: I liked the bottle, somewhat. And I like how liquidy it is, it runs well without getting all over the place easily. I liked how it has built in SPF.
What I disliked: I cannot seem to get this foundation to not look gross on me. It looked fine the first day, but after that no matter how I apply it, it looks cakey and just accentuates pores and bumps and lines. It seems to sit on top of my skin and then just disappears after a couple hours.
Would I Buy it Again: I would only buy this again if I had amnesia and completely forgot about how much I hated it.

I know some people love this stuff though, so honestly, try it out if you want to. Also, when I tried it over top of a bit of primer that I had sampled it seemed to work a bit better, but I don't actually own primer yet, so I can't give a good review of it over primer. I will be getting primer (present from boyfriend yay) this weekend at some point so I shall make an amendment to this as I try it out.

- Love, Becka

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Really Shouldn't

But I can't resist. Haha. So I have been growing out my natural hair for almost 2 years now trying to get out all the dyed bits (they were gone in November 2009) and then get it nice and long and healthy and virgin again. I also, however, have hair ADHD apparently and I love changing it often. Growing hair out is a long and boring process. I have already given myself bangs twice and let they grow out again. It isn't enough apparently. I am bored again.

So I was watching the lovely youtube and saw videos on how to cut one's own hair. Now, I have been cutting my own hair for a long time because a) it's cheap, and b) if I mess up, I don't care too much, but if a hairdresser messes up I get pissed (and I have paid for uneven hair before so, no). I haven't really ever used these techniques though. So I shall see how they work tonight! Expect pics tomorrow after I properly shower and style myself.

- Love, Becka

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dirty Dirty Dirty

So here's one of my posts I did over on my old blog. I shall move it here because it's really important. I personally used to never wash my brushes, or wash them once a month or every like, Friday the 13th or something random like that. And I did actually know people who never would wash their brushes and they kept their dirty brushes in a bag under the sink with the rest of their makeup. Like, hello warm moist dirty place for bacteria! Haha. So Here it is:


I have the horrible habit of completely forgetting to do anything to my lips when I put on makeup. I am not huge into lipstick, but I do own quite a few glosses/glazes/stains/etc. However, I only ever seem to use lipbalm the most. And I only really put it on if my lips are sore and dry and peely. Bad habit, I know. Lips are fragile and thin-skinned and need protection from the elements. I think I read somewhere that lips had a higher instance of skin cancers forming, and that women thus have less of that location because a lot of us wear lip product. Interesting.

I want to love lipstick, I really do. It always ends up looking like I'm playing with my mother's makeup as a kid though. The rare exception is when I have unnaturally coloured hair. Case in point, me with black and red hair. Dark lipstick, looks nice IMO.

Yeah. If I tried that now with natural coloured hair I would look like either a) that I am trying too hard to go for an avant-garde look or b) like I set my makeupgun to whore like Marge on the Simpsons. lol. So maybe I am doing things wrong, maybe I can try again later. Actually, yeah, I'll try again a lot. I have a few lipsticks that I need to use up.

- Love, Becka

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Project 10-Pan

Haha, so I am starting off my makeup postings with a post about how I am not going to be buying makeup. Yay. It's okay though, I used to have another blog as well so for makeup related things I am just going to move some of them over to here so it won't be dead on the makeup front for the next while.

So yeah, I am doing Project 10-Pan. Well, a semi-relaxed version which may or may not result in 10 used up products. P10P is when you commit to using up 10 items of makeup before you purchase another. For anyone out there who has seemingly suddenly acquired more eyeshadows than there are colours in the visible light spectrum, or has 7 different black eyeliner pencils that all give the same result...this is a great help. My relaxed rules on this are due to the fact that I don't own more than one or two mascaras at a time, and I only usually have one liquid foundation at a time. So once those are gone, they're gone. So I am allowing purchases of foundation and mascara (but only when I run out).

All About Me - Lame Survey Time

So I just went to a random survey site and picked some questions that I thought I would answer on here.
Nickname: Becka, Beckers, Becks, Becky, Bear, Boo
Zodiac Sign: Libra, and I so am. I am kinda vain, I like pretty things and hate arguments. I love balance in life.
Marital Status: Legally single, but I am in a long term relationship.
Language: English, and Frenglish
Heritage: 1/2 Dutch, 1/4 English, 1/4 Czech
Ethnicity: Whiter than a ghost
Hair Color: Born blonde, turned medium brown..and at the moment, is all natural
Eye Color: Greenish most of the time
Height: 5'7" ish
Piercings: Yes, a few.
Tattoo: None at the moment
Shoe Size: 8.5
Body Type: Curvy
Best Physical Feature: Eyes, and I have pretty feet.
Most Overused Phrase: I say "like" a lot
Favorite Quote: "Maturity is knowing you were an idiot in the past. Wisdom is knowing you'll be an idiot in the future. Common sense is knowing that you should try not to be an idiot now." From
Favorite Season: I like aspects of all of them but I think I like early Fall and late Spring the best.
Favorite Holiday: Christmas and Valentine's Day
Favorite Color: Rainbow, but if you make me pick one, Purple.
Favorite Video Game: Katamari, and MarioKart (any of them really, N64 is best though)
Favorite Food: Pasta, Pizza, Candy
Favorite Drink: Coke, Water, Peach Juice
Favorite Dessert: Bread Pudding, Pecan Pie, anything warm and caramelly
Favorite Candy: Do I have to pick one? I love sugar
Favorite Snack: Tostitos and my dip I make
Favorite Fruit: Peaches and Strawberries and Cherries
Favorite Veggie: Spinach
Favorite Store: Shoppers Drug Mart, the 24 hr kinda are the best
Favorite Make Up Brand: Drugstore - Maybelline, High End - Urban Decay
Favorite Cartoon: Tv - Simpsons, Family Guy, Newspaper - Non Sequiter, Sherman's Lagoon, Internet - QC, xkcd, Natalie Dee
Do You Think Your Attractive: Some days
Do You Get Along With Your Parents: Yes, actually, we get along quite well
Do You Want To Go To College: I should hope so as I have almost 6 years of post secondary schooling already. Lol
Do You Want To Get Married: Yes.
Do You Want To Have Kids: Yes
What Is Your Goal This Year: Pay off my Credit cards so I can buy makeup more.
What Do You Want Your Career To Be: I am going to be a massage therapist
Do You Shower Daily: Nope. Every other day, sometimes every day.

Welcome! First post...

So I got inspired and decided to make a new blog on blogspot because it has a nicer layout in my opinion. This won't specifically be a makeup blog, but that's probably what I'll mostly talk about. That or hair or fashion or knitting or whatever random bits there are in my head. The title "Cake for Days" is kinda an inside joke with my and my boyfriend, Sean. It was a couple birthdays ago and I had received several cakes and had baked my own and all that. So I joked that I had enough cake to last for several days...or...cake for days. And then I decided that I would make a "bubblegum-punk" band called that. But the likelihood of me being in a band is slim to none, so thus I'll use it as a blog name.. Haha, how lame is that. So....yeah...That's it I suppose. I'll probably be posting more during the summer months than what will start out with because I am in school. I think the next post will be a "get to know me" post with answers and shiznatti.

- Love, Becka.
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