Thursday, August 30, 2012

Freezer French Fries!

So cooking for two can be very annoying.  My cooking experience was mostly developed in University where we lived in Townhouse style dorms of 8 people.  Other than that my cooking was usually just like, a bowl of pasta for myself.  Definitely not used to proportions for only two people.  Now some days I am okay with this and I'll make a lot of food with the intention of having leftovers, but other days I'll make enough for 2.15 people or something.  Or just enough of one dish for another person but the rest of the dishes are just enough for me and my Hubby.
Potatoes are especially difficult for me.  It always seems like there isn't enough and then I peel and cut them up and it doesn't seem like that much.  And if I just make boiled potatoes we have leftovers, but if I make mashed there usually aren't.  I try to estimate based off of "one baked potato per person" kinda rule, but that only really works if the potatoes are large, which they usually aren't.  So then my rules of extrapolation seem to just go crazy and I end up with like 4 little potatoes for each person but then I have too many.  Lol.
So basically the end result of all of this is that I don't like cooking potatoes all that often.  But potatoes are cheapest if you buy them in 10lb bags. my year of living here so far I have had plenty of potatoes go bad on me.  I don't use them enough to use them up, and if I did use them up I would probably just have leftover in my fridge that go bad and either way it's a waste.

So I decided I would freeze them!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Slouchy Hat!

So I finally managed to make a perfect slouchy hat, for how I like slouchy hats anyway.  It might not be for everyone.  I have this awesome hat which I got from Kmart, back when Kmart still existed in Canada here, for like $0.49 when it was closing down.  That was like....when I was still in Grade School, so ages ago.  I still have it, and it's still my favourite hat.  But it's machine knit with like Lace weight yarn or something so I don't really want to just copy it because knitting stockinette knit with really fine yarns in a circle would be really boring and tedious.  Lace weights are for lace which is intricate and somewhat exciting to knit.  So I have been trying to make similar ones and usually the hats come out just like regular tuques.  But this time it was actually slouchy.  Probably because it's a bigger hat, so that's my problem I guess.  I make hats to be fitted and thus they don't slouch.

My face isn't necessary, lol.
So this one is slouchy! The yarn I used is the Loops and Threads "Charisma" yarn, which is pleasantly bulky and really soft.  I have made a cowl of the same yarn and so now I have a sorta matching set I guess.

Mushroom head.
This is how far it pulls down, I suppose I could fold up a cuff to make a it a regular tuque also.  Such versatility!  It could probably even fit my husband's big head.  Lol.  I just took this pic to show the pom pom.  I love pom poms on hats.  This one was kinda awkward because I didn't have a template so I just wrapped it around my fingers so some parts are really long and others aren't so much and I wish it were more bulky but whatever.

The hat itself is just a basic 2x2 rib, 60 sts around, knit on circulars.  I forget what size of circular, but my biggest needles with the smallest connection basically. Lol.  I am a bad knitter, I don't gauge on these things. I am more the type to frog something and try a different pattern or make one up as I go if somehting isn't working out how the pattern says it should.  I chose just simple rib because of the self striping effect of the yarn, I didn't want anything too complicated to look weird with the stripes.

I wanna make a baby-sized hat out of this yarn because I know a lot of people having kids and I like non-baby coloured items more than giving them something pale blue or pale green or pale pink.  I still have one ball left of this colourway so a baby hat with some curly-q's as a pom pom and maybe some booties if I can figure out how to make them.  I have some issues with some things because of the aforementioned lack of doing a proper gauge swatch and checking that.  Bad Knitter!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Well Hello There....

Holy Long Time No See, Batman....over a year....
...Now I must admit I have been cheating on Blogger and had a blog on Wordpress, but only apparently made like 4 entries in it and then it died as well.  And I have been bit by the blogging bug again and want to chronicle my life and I like Blogger better.  I like that it's connected to google mostly.  Haha.

I wanna just blog about life mostly though.  This blog was previously just makeup and beauty, and that's all fun and I'll still do it because I still do makeup and beauty things most days...but I also cook and bake and craft and work and rant and rave and whine (and wine) and whatever....and I was like "maybe I'll just start another completely different blog" but I like cake for days as a name...and I can't be bothered to do that.

So...Updates I suppose.  My life changes in the past year, this might be a bit:

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