Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two Month Waiting List....

Is apparently what there is at Sephora in my city for buying the Urban Decay Naked palette.  It's so friggin popular man.  I was gonna go get one there tomorrow, but my friend went and let me know how long the waitlist is and then informed me of this wonderful little tidbit of knowledge: The Shoppers Drug Mart near one of the malls has them in stock in store.  Yay!

They had like 5 in stock...I dunno how more people don't know of this..haha. I felt so sneaky getting it.  First of all a Shoppers that carries Urban Decay! Most of the ones near me have Benefit, Smashbox, Lancome, Stila, and Clinique and some other high end stuff in their Beauty Boutique section, but I haven't seen one with an Urban Decay til today.  So yay for both Naked palette with no wait, and also Shoppers Optimum points! Boo Yeah!

I will be patient and wait til tomorrow to try it though as I just washed all my brushes.  I finished my eye drops last night and since starting them my eyes have only watered when I am yawning lots, or sneezing lots, or if like sweat gets in them (which happens a lot more than one would expect  No random out of the blue watering so yay. Healed! I can wear makeup again!  

I already threw out most of the stuff I know I had used when I was infected...and I am keeping one or two that I used maybe once and not actually on the watery parts or near the watery parts of my eyes (crease use only) just because it's a shame to throw out a barely used Urban Decay Graffiti.  But, I am uber excited to start building up my collection again. Yay. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A week of no mascara

Yup, you read that right.  I have almost gone an entire 7 days with no mascara, no eyeliner, no eyeshadow, nothing on my eyes at all.  No contact lenses either, which sucks because it is mega sunny lately and I have no Rx sunglasses so I am either blurry eyed but shaded, or squinty eyed and can see proper.

So, since February I have been having really watery weird eyes.  I would wake up with them all gummed up and crusted, gross.  Yet they weren't itchy, they weren't red unless I would rub them, and they weren't like abnormal coloured tears at all.  The only thing that I felt was weird was that the tears seemed oilier than normal and thus would stay near my eyes and just muck around and remove my makeup (even with UDPP because they seemed oily).  Dr said it was an infection (without looking at me closer than 4 feet away...ugh), and gave me some drops.  They didn't work.  Gave me some new drops and told me to not wear any makeup at all for a while.  I cheated, I still wear foundation and bronzer but nowhere near my eyes.

So seems to be working so far.  I haven't have to wipe away tears as often at all, and my eyes are normally pretty teary to begin with (I look like I am crying after I laugh, sneeze, supress a laugh, on a windy day, yawning etc) so I am not looking to go from watery mess to dry as a desert...I understand some tearing is normal for me.

I will be doing these drops until Wednesday and then keep makeupless until Friday to see if it's actually worked (and its not some weirdo thing the drops were doing) and also because Friday is payday and then I can go and buy makeup.  Since...yeah...I am going to throw out all my eye products which I am at least 10% sure I used while having my watery eyes.  Which is pretty much all of the stuff I really like and use on a regular basis.

However, this lets me get to start fresh! And I can buy products which I know I loved again, as well as then not feel guilty for buying more eyeshadows if I already had some at home.  I shall probably get one of the coastalscents/equivalent palettes to replenish my colour selections and then get some nice high quality neutrals as well.  Yay! Sad days for my wallet probably.

First trip will be to sephora to pick up some UDPP and perhaps an eyeshadow and an eyeliner.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

OOTD and Look What I Made!

First off, my choppy OOTD which is taken on my lovely crackberry with awful lighting haha.  
The black slouchy cardi I got at walmart last year for like $9, I think I posted about it a long time ago haha, the tube top/tunic thing I got from Dynamite for $8 ish, was 10, but there was 30% off. It has lovely pockets in it like those adorable dresses they make, but those never fit my boobies so this top will have to do. Necklace is an ebay purchase for less than $2.
I wore this with my Reitman's comfort top jeans which are from last year in a dark-medium wash and some shoes which I wore to my sister's wedding and are actually really comfy.  They have a 2in heel wedge and are easy to walk in.

Haha awkward pants shot.  

I went out to a social desserty thing tonight.  The email said "June 5 pm meeting" because the group meets in the evening, but apparently everyone thought it was June, 5pm meeting so I got there later than most people haha.  (I actually confirmed the time to be 6:30pm so hah)

Now, Lookie here, I made myself a laptop cover!
Looking all strange with nothing in it.

Full of lappy goodness.

Widescreen laptops are kinda awkward to make them for because its all long and narrow haha.  I just used bits of green yarn leftover from an afghan I made as a wedding gift for some friends of mine.  Strung 4 strands together and used a size 8mm hook, crocheted half doubles all around and as the bits ran out of yarn added different yarn so it's variegated and awesome.  I like the darker stripe in it.  When there's no laptop in it its kinda lopsided a bit because the first bit of yarn was thicker than the end so it ended up bigger at the one side.  Oh well, fits the laptop and thats what I need it to do.  I am going to Toronto on Wednesday (leaving Tues, staying at my Grandma's) to do my practical licensing exam to become a registered massage therapist and then heading off to visit with the fiance.  So laptop in a bag all unprotected on the bus is not a good idea in my head.  Thus laptopcase.

I have a review of the Olay ProX brushy thing coming up soon, just wanna use it a bit more before I give my 2 cents on it.  So, something to look forward to.

Off to do some more Coke (a-cola) hehe! Bye!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: Sigma Round Top Kabuki Brush

Taken from Sigma's Website

OMG. I Love this brush.  Love is such a weak word for it actually. I have tried applying liquid foundation in several different ways, and while I found that each foundation usually has the best way to apply it, everyone else seemed to have awesome possum time using a duo-fibre brush and that made them all flawless and glowy. Well not so for me.  I have tried duo-fibre stippling brushes and either I did it completely wrong or it's just wrong for me because it didn't look good at all.  Or it would look okay for 5 mins and then suddenly get cakey (a habit I have with foundation in general though).  I have tried regular foundation brushes, fingers, sponges, damp sponges, stippling, buffing, other kabukis, etc.  None worked as well as this Sigma brush.  The closest was a damp sponge but that only worked with my Revlon Colorstay.  

This brush, using it to just buff on my liquid foundation is like I am just brushing away impefections with a magic brush and I don't even have foundation on.  

The bristles are super soft and unbelievably dense.  The handle is a good size, not awkwardly long, and not short like traditional kabukis.  It looks all sleek and sophisticated. It is totally my favourite brush in my collection. I think I may order the angled top for using with blush/bronzer.  Or even splurge and order the set and either have a backup round top or give it a friend as a gift.  I love this brush so much.

I haven't washed it yet, but I imagine it is going to be a bit difficult because the fibres are so dense.

I hope sigma uses these bristles for other brushes.  I can see an eyeshadow brush being really awesome with such soft dense synthetic bristles.

Seriously, go buy this brush. It is so awesome, and only $16 bucks.

GO NOW! lol..jk.

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