Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Nail Polish Collection (Thus Far)

So I was thinking about doing this for a while, but never got around to it.  I kinda was going to do it alongside my makeup collection post, but that never happened lol.  So when I saw Leah do this, I was reminded of it and since I have the weekend off and nothing to do...haha, I thought I'd go for it! 

Here's how I store them.  They're all just jumbled into a basket on my bottom shelf near my desk for easy access.

Time for some Blog Lovin'

So I thought this was really cool because you get to design your own award to share.  So thank you muchly to Helen from In Elegance.

And here is my Award:

And I shall award this to:

- Love, Becka

Thursday, May 27, 2010

NOTD: Emerald City

I started out today trying to do a gradient nail effect from yellow to red.  That turned out horrible, so I just started over again and grabbed the nearest colour which happened to be this lovely green by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.  I am glad I did because I love the colour.  It took 2 thicker coats or 3 thin coats to get the shade I desired (2 on the thumbs for some reason I got more on the brush for them).  I think I shall do my poor naked toenails in this shade as well. 

- Love, Becka

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My tips to beat the heat.

So we in Ontario have been having a crazy weather May.  The average temp for May is usually low to mid twenties.  Today the high was low thirties with a humidex of mid thirties.  It's crazy hot.  They say this will pass and get back to more seasonal levels soon, but if this is a taste of summer, it's gonna be a scorcher!

taken from google images, searching heat

Monday, May 24, 2010

Experimental NOTD + quick FOTD

So my foray into fancy nail polish techniques as mentioned in the last post was successful!  I am totally in love with this look and have been thinking up different colours I can do it with and if I need any more nailpolish (Need? Maybe not...but definitely want).  I chose purple because the sparkly nail polish I have is kind of purplish in it's base.  So here's the final result:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

FOTD + OOTD from Yesterday

I didn't have time to post this as I went to work early yesterday and I worked today as well, so now you're getting it.  :)

Here's the look in natural light.  For some reason the open eye version of this didn't want to upload to photobucket. Hmmm..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Review: Avon Smooth Minerals Lip Tint

Photo taken from the website. 

Brand: Avon
Name: Smooth Minerals Lip Tint
Colour: I have this in "Smooth Nude" and "Smooth Shimmer"
Cost: The website says they're $3.49 at the moment.  I think that's about right.  I actually got them because my Mommy decided to buy them for me.  Thanks Mom!
What I liked: I love the smoothness of them.  They definitely live up to their name.  They are pretty sheer but still give some colour.  The Shimmer one is like a nice cross between a gloss and a balm IMO, and the Nude one is darker than what I would call nude but it still is close to my natural lip colour and works well.  I like the packaging, reminds me of the Softlips balms.  They go on smooth, they make your lips feel nice and they've got minerals in them which are nice. 
What I disliked: The smell isn't all that great.  It's certainly not horrible or strong, but it could do with some sort of yummy scent rather than a waxy scent.  I also had trouble putting the product down in the tube.  It goes up fine, but it took a bit to get it to go back down which could be a problem if you put it up too high.  Also I notice in the ingredients it's not exactly groundbreaking in substances...just your basic oils/waxes/etc.  And it may contain carmine which if you're against that sort of thing then this is no good.  I would think only the Berry shade though would have it, but you never know.
Would I buy this product again: Probably, but I am sure there are other products that can give you the same results so it's not something I would rush to get.

Sunny NOTD + Earrings!

I had the day off today semi-unexpectedly because my one work called yesterday and said a few people had cancelled so there wasn't any use for me to come in.  Kinda sad but that's how the industry goes.  So I've had a relatively boring day with the hilight being going to Best-Buy to get a new mouse.  My mouse decided to stop clicking.  My dad tried to fix it but it still takes a lot of force to click the mouse and occasionally it doesn't work.  My computer is slow enough without having to deal with a touchy mouse so I shelled out the $21 to get a new optical mouse. 

On to the nails! I tried a few days ago to paint them yellow in the sun, but quick drying nailpolish + heat from the sun + wind = dries way too fast = sticky lumpy mess.  So I tried again today and I love the result.  I used a combo of 2 layers of Sally Hansen Instadri in Lightening and Claire's brand nailpolish from the non-neon rainbow set.

The SH gives the opacity, but it's a creme colour so it's hard to get it perfectly even without doing 3+ coats which is ridiculous, so I put the Claire's on top because it has a bit of shimmer which helps smooth over imperfections, plus it added more of a Taxicab yellow as the SH is a bit too light for what I like.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

FOTD - Purple BBQ look

This afternoon I am going to a BBQ party for my sister and her fiance at his parent's house.  Today is also my first day off since last Wednesday.  I am stoked.  I also finally charged my camera's battery so here's some pics of today's look.

Natural light by my window.  Flash pics and products after the jump.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Urghh so sorry

I haven't posted in a week.  I started my 2nd job last Friday and I worked all weekend as well because they want me trained and able to work by myself by this Sunday.  So much pressure haha.  The Sunday's are pretty dead at a pay-day loan company though so, I'll be okay for sure. 

The major thing which has been going on in my life related at all to makeup/beauty/health seem to have come into contact with some lovely poison ivy a week or so ago, on the back of my leg.  Yay! Not.  It is seriously the worst thing ever.  I have had my legs covered in mosquito bites and have it itchy and stuff...and this is worse.  I had to put anti-itch stuff on all the time and even then it would itch because my pants would brush against my leg.  I would wake up at 4AM or 5AM with my leg ON FIRE practically and I was scratching in my sleep.  I really hope it doesn't scar at all because I scratched so much. 

So I went to the Dr's and she wrote me Rx for some cream for it, but, because my Dr is practically the worst Dr in Ontario...she didn't put the strength of the cream on the Rx.  And so when I get to the pharmacy they call her, she doesn't do phone-in prescriptions, so they fax over the request.  She doesn't fax back.  That was yesterday.  I checked in today and they still never heard from her.  It is now 10:30 PM and I still haven't heard from the pharmacy, which means they have yet to hear from her.  She isn't busy.  There is no excuse.  It's really annoying because it's not like my rash is just sitting there being patient while this is all going on.  It is getting somewhat better, but still itches like mad.  Argh.

Right now Lanacane extra strength anti-itch creme is my favourite thing.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My *realistic* summer wishlist.

So I got the job! Yay! And to celebrate I already bought new mascara (L'oreal Voluminous, which seems to be everyone's favourite).  In other good news I went to my job-that-I-already-had today and my boss was in and told me that she was pretty sure I would be getting around 20hrs a week there this summer unless it was super slow at times.  This means that with both jobs I should be averaging around 30 hrs a week, which isn't full full time, but it will get my needs met.

So that means shopping!

I need to make goals of paying off my credit cards so I don't end up just spending most of my paycheck and then wondering why I have no money.  So I thought I should make a wishlist.  A realistic wishlist.  I have a separate wishlist for if I am able to pay off everything and have loads of excess cash, haha.

So here goes...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Step By Step: Bronzed Babe

I decided to take pictures of every step of makeup I did this morning (afternoon? I don't remember when I did it). I started off today really lousy and barely got out of bed. I was kinda down because yesterday I was supposed to get a call about a job if I got it, but no call came. So I called today and it turns out they just haven't gotten my police check back yet which is why they didn't call. I'm supposed to call again tomorrow because they should be getting it tonight. So that perked up my spirits and I went and tanned in the sun for a while reading my hydrotherapy book (DIY tips to come another time) and then I went in to do my makeup.

This is the finished look

 Warning, pictures without makeup are coming up.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lazy Days FOTD

I feel like I have been wearing practically the same look for a while.  These pics are actually from last Wednesday but I honestly don't look that different today.  And I just haven't been getting pictures...oops.

Look, I am so bored! Hehe.  This was right before I left for my final practical exam btw.  I was not a happy camper, so stressful.  But at least I had pretty eyeshadow!

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