Monday, August 30, 2010

The Curse of the Giftcard

Does this happen to anyone else? Me and my younger sister both are experiencing this (and have been for the past several months).

My mother gave both of us gift cards to Smart Set for Christmas last year (as in 2009).  We had both asked for them.  We had both gone shopping several months before several times and loved almost everything we tried on or even saw.  So yay giftcards right? Wrong.  Since then either a) nothing we see tickles our fancy or b) the things we might like don't fit right at all.  It's the curse.

Of course, in the meantime there's all the lovely precious adorable articles of clothing that are in EVERY other store other than the one you have the gift card for. 

There is of course fantastically gorgeous jewelry which I love and want and covet.  But I made the stupid decision to not spend my giftcard on jewelry because I have so bloody much of it already.  I don't wear it that often either.  And I am fully capable of making my own most of the time.  So I don't see the fiscal responsibility in purchasing more (but ooooh how it tempts me).  I may have to give in soon though. 

...but then once I spend my giftcard I shall for sure find something fabulous I want in the clothing section.  Ugh. Such is the curse.

- Love, Becka

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am a Camera Whore

I think I only look good in pictures taken by myself, so I tend to take a lot of pictures of myself by myself.  Lol.  So this is what I looked like to go to work today (boo working on a Sunday).

More after the break with a breakdown of what I used on my makeup.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Test Drive: Tresemme Waterless Foam Shampoo

I think I saw a commercial about Tresemme Dry Shampoo and I wanted some, but I couldn't find it in the store when I was randomly browsing so I got this instead.  So I thought I would do a play by play and first-time thoughts on the product for you readers out there.

Photo taken from the Tresemme website 

It cost about $6 here in Canada and it's hilarious to me because it's called "waterless" but the first ingredient is water.  They mean rinseless...but it's still funny.

This seems like an awesome product for me because I tend to get sweaty-head at night and wake up the next day after a really nice hair day with some greasy roots and pouffy ends and it's annoying to use baby powder or corn starch to dry it up and then style and the you get the weird powdery feeling on your head.  So I thought I would give it a go.  I wore my hair up today because of the this is my starting look.

 Oh yeah! Hehe...So the instructions say to take 2-3 pumps and distribute throughout hair.  So I did the 2-3 pumps...

Not a lot, honestly.  It ran out quick, so I put in approx 6-8 pumps worth.  However, I think I did too much honestly because I don't think you're supposed to saturate the hair at all, just work it through as best you can.

Then you're supposed to towel it off.  The back of the container makes it seem like you put it in and towel dry right away, but the site says to put it in, let it sit, then pat dry.  So I think you'd just experiment to find out which works.
This is where I speculated that I put too much in because it wasn't towelling dry at all...just...towelling.  I got the same effect as if I had just done a quick water/shampoo/rinse of my root area, which defeats the purpose of the "waterless" foam if it's like a shower in a can basically and I have to dry my hair still.  I shall try next time using less.
Final result...wet roots.  Not what I had envisioned.  However, they are drying now (30 mins later) and they feel a lot softer and cleaner than before I did this, and it smells lovely.  Very fresh-scented.  I have hopes of it working better when I follow the 2-3 pumps only...I'll keep you updated.

- Love, Becka

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blonde Blonder Blondest!

So my need for blonde wasn't satisfied with the honey/caramel bronde that I had going on.  It definitely was lighter than my proper brown, but comparing it to my hair colour now it's massively darker.  I'm kinda glad it went that way though because I went blonde gradually, well...gradually enough.  It's not like I went medium brown to light blonde in one day and shocked everyone (I just shocked my sister and her husband, they had gone away while I was still

So here's the before and after from bronde to blonde!

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