Thursday, April 29, 2010

Custom Nail Polish

I got this idea from watching this pursebuzz video on youtube.  The only issue is that I am not a huge fan of nude nail polish.  When you have to have clear/no nail polish on for clinic at school, when you get to wear nail polish you want it to be fun and bright.  So I decided to try this with mineral eyeshadow instead of just mineral foundation.

The Results:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A few recent purchases...

So my exams are done! These last two practicals went okay, but not as great as the midterm ones.  Usually the assessment is something concrete and easy to find, but most of the assessments today were all vague and could be interpreted differently.  I'm sure I passed though, and that's all that matters.

I haven't been buying much because I haven't been working much and I need to get a 2nd job so I can pay tuition, but I still have been trying to buy some things.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Review: Shimmer Strips by Physician's Formula

I've had this product for a while now and I go through periods of not using it, and then using it almost daily and then not using it again. 

Brand: Physician's Formula
Name: Shimmer Strips custom bronzer, blush and eyeshadow
Colour: Vegas Strip (Light Bronze)
Cost: I got mine on sale for about $12 I think
What I liked: This makes an excellent everyday eyeshadow.  The lighter shades are great for hilighting both eyes and face and the darker shades match well with them for crease work or allover lid colour.  There was a time where I wore the 2nd lightest shade all over my eyes every day with the darkest shade in the crease.  Everyday.  The texture is easy to blend and it is very shimmery.  There is also a lot of bang for your buck, especially if you use it as eyeshadow.  This has lasted forever and I have barely made a dent.
What I disliked: I find it overly shimmery for using as a bronzer.  I only use it as a hilight.  The colour payoff isn't that intense because it is so shimmery.  Even the darkest shade comes out light because of the shimmer.
Would I buy this product again: Yes, I don't think I can even get to the bottom of this though, but if I did, I would totally buy it again.  I would like to check out the other colours perhaps as well.

Ps: I think it would make a nice body shimmer for a night out too.  Just take a big fluffy brush to your collarbones, decolletage, etc.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Night Out

So on Thursday I had an exam and we were going to go out that night because the morning class on Friday was cancelled.  I thought I had to work though, so when my boss left a message saying it wasn't busy at work and I didn't have to come in, I was super excited!  We started out the night at my friend's house and then later walked over to the school for the 1st annual Drag Show!  It was so much fun!  This totally wasn't something I normally would do, I am normally a homebody and love just lounging around and I don't go out much...but sometimes all you need is a completely opposite night.

I was getting ready and decided I needed to be fabulous looking so I went a lot brighter with makeup than I would normally wear out, and then as a final touch I added sparkles under my eyes a bit because, hey, we're seeing drag queens here...there needs to be sparkles!

Pics after the jump.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

40 Beauty Questions

I have an exam tomorrow so I am procrastinating as usual and blogging.  However I didn't want to take and upload and format and post pictures this time so no pics.. :(  I actually forgot to wear mascara today so my makeup isn't all that great looking anyway.

The 40 questions are after the jump!

Sunshine Award!

I got a blog award! first one.  Nominated by ..R May A..

- Put the award on your blog
- Pass the award to 12 positive and creative bloggers
- Link the chosen ones within your posts
- Inform the chosen ones by commenting on their blog
- Share the love and the link to the person who gave it to you

This shall be hard to pick 12...

I tag:
Makeup Kitten

There's quite a variety there...:)

Yay for awards.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Brushes! + FOTD from yesterday

So a few weeks ago my boyfriend, Sean, was all like "hehehe" and I asked what and he told me it was a surprise.  Well, a couple days later we got in a bit of a tiff and to cheer me up he told me he had bought me some makeup brushes online!  He bought me this Sigma brush set and, like it says, it comes with a free foundation brush.  Well, they came today.  I got home late from my clinic and there was a package on the stairs with my name on it, I was super excited.  Pics of the brushes in they're cuteness after the jump, plus my aztec gold look I mentioned before...I did it yesterday and forgot to blog.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

FOTD - Bronze Babe + Baking!

Yesterday I was totally planning that today I would do an "Aztec Gold" look as I have two very different colours both called Aztec Gold.  Well this morning while getting ready I totally forgot all that and just used my L'oreal e/s palette in Kerry's Bronzes.  Meh.

Saturday's Happenings

So it was raining all yesterday and normally my hair just turns into a frizzy ball of ugh when it's humid and wet out, but not this Saturday. No, my hair decided to do awesome things and suddenly I realized I had actual curls in my hair. Normally, yeah, I have waves. I can only really get any curl if I don't touch my hair at all when it's drying (as in, no combing it through at all, so I therefore get a weird part and slightly curled hair). If I just comb it all out I get decent classic hollywood starlet waves (score!). But yesterday I had actual curls. This is how I wish my hair always was. No wonder I love rain.

Pics after the jump.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

FOTD - Keeping it Simple, +NOTD

I wanted to just do a look with more eyeliner than I normally would wear, and see how that went.  I like it, actually.  It wouldn't be good for some days at school because eyeliner + mascara + face cradle = smudge.  The "I just had a massage" look isn't so fashionable.  It is however, one of my favourite looks because it means I just had a massage :)

Some more, plus how my nails look after the jump.

Friday, April 16, 2010

All Dressed Up

And no place to go.  Well, actually I am not at all dressed up, I'm in lounge pants and a hoodie.  But I did do my makeup all extravagant because I was bored and wanted to post some look.  I decided to dig out my palette that I always forget that I put together and use just the colours in there for a look.  I'm actually hitting pan on one of them and it's kind of chalky texture so a lot comes out when  you put a brush in, so I think this one might get used up fast if I do looks with it more often.  Then I can count it in my pseudo P10P thing I'm doing.  :)

So yeah, I was bored, and I made this look.  If you have questions as to the colours used, just ask, cuz I don't feel like listing them.  Hopefully I'll be able to remember.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mini FOTD - Dark Green

So I'm still sick, but I feel okay other than my nose being stuffed up and feeling like a pillow is inside my head. That didn't stop me from completely rearranging my makeup shelf. I blame the fact that I have a project to put together for yay procrastination!

For the FOTD I am just going to list the eye stuff because I'm lazy. Pics are after the jump.

NYX e/s in Lime
Fyrinnae e/s in Boy Toy
L'oreal e/s palette in Kerry's Bronzes, the lightest shade as hilight
The usual eyeliner and mascara

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My sore throat is gone. I am so happy about this. I absolutely hate sore throats and would rather have any other type of sickness (except maybe puking cuz I haven't done that in a long time so I think I forget how bad it is). I am still stuffed up and whatever, but it's honestly glorious compared to how I was yesterday. When I get sick I usually feel really out of it and get really silly and hyper at the same time. So I was making huge jokes and dancing around in class today. Then to make everything even more awesome I didn't have a client in clinic today so me and the other person who didn't have a client had some fun joking around and I got my hands massaged. Awesome! I got paraffin wax on my hands and elbows and now they're ubersoft. I am definitely investing in one of those for when I have a clinic of my own. :)

I also went on a walk this evening to the dog park near my house. I saw the cutest puppy ever and fell in love with it.

- Love, Becka

Monday, April 12, 2010

FOTD - Think Pink, and EOTN, and a Rant

I was sorely tempted to do another shimmery neutrally silvery eye look for today, but I figured my last two FOTDs were that and I should pick a different colour, so I went with pink. Yesterday was the "pink it your way" thinger that I got invited to on Facebook and I wore a pink coat when I went out, so I decided to continue the pink trend for today as well.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baking, Baking, Procrastinating

Mmmm cookies. So I have a project due this week in my theory of massage class. Big, huge case study group project. I've assigned myself the most work because I am kinda a control freak for school things. I feel like most projects I can do all by myself and also I don't want people to think I am slacking off in the group so I assign myself huge amounts of work and then give the other people smaller tasks and I always say "I'll put it all together." (I was also drilled with grammar every day of grade 12 English so I am usually the best proofreader for projects as well...) Anyway, yeah, so I have that due. Thus, I have been doing anything but that. Today I baked some Chocolate Chip Squares and they turned out awesome and gooey and delicious (I've had two already) and then I baked some Shortbread with Chocolate chips in it just using a basic shortbread recipe. Yum!

Now I think I'll watch some Lost and crochet a bit more. Haha.

- Love, Becka

Saturday, April 10, 2010

FOTD - Bluish Silver

This looks a lot bluer in person, but for some reason on camera it looks almost completely silver. Meh.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quick Update of Mini Haul-age.

So I went back to the warehouse sale yesterday and got the other two colours of gel blush from Revlon (a peach and a cherry red kinda colour), and I got some anti-aging primer stuff which smells awful, haha. And then I got some Almay TLC foundation in Buff, some Revlon concealor in Light/Medium, some Neutrogena hair cream thing, and Revlon Colorstay lipstick in Sheer Watermelon. I LOVE the lipstick stuff. It does stay on pretty well, not through the whole day, but its a great sheer colour so it's no super obvious when it fades.

I then met up with my mom at Walmart and she bought me a new bra (I was dying to get a new one, it's so hard to find decent ones that aren't a billion dollars). We also go these two flowy cardigan things, one black, one grey. Hopefully I can get decent pics sometime, but they're comfy and will be great for a bit of a cover-up in the summer for work and stuff.

- Love, Becka

Ps: It's thunderstorming here and I love it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So This is Where I'm At...

I realize this is kinda silly because I plan to go to the warehouse sale again and buy a bunch more makeup tomorrow, so I'll have to update again with more pics, but oh well.  I just spent the last hour taking pictures of my makeup and sorting through and throwing out a bunch (mostly lip stuff and nail polish).  So here is my stash!


I went to school without mascara today.  I know, OMG!  Haha.  I had lined my eyes all nice with my MAC fluidline, and I even put on lip stuff this morning.  And then I go and forget mascara.  I think the fact that I remembered to put on lip gloss threw me off.  I was getting distracted because my Duwop lip venom glosses have gone separate and all that comes out now is clear goo while the colour remains in the tube, so I was trying to get colour out.  I should probably just toss them though because they've separated.  I think I'll go through my makeup tonight and throw out a bunch and take pictures of what's left and post for you guys my stash.  :) Yay makeup-porn to come.

- Love, Becka

Monday, April 5, 2010

FOTD - Silver

I was watching some videos on youtube last night and one girl on one of them had some awesome silver eyeshadow.  Then I remembered that I had silver eyeshadow! So naturally I did that today. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Lent is over! I can drink Coke again whenever I want hahahah!  I won't go back to how I was though, because that was sad.  I was having about 3 cans a day, give or take.  Unfortunately I didn't lose much weight which is disappointing because I know other people who cut out Coke and then they like lose 40 lbs or something in a week.  (Hello, exaggeration).  I lost, about 3 lbs total?  And that includes me doing a bit more physical activity (strength training once or twice a week and walking a bit more) and trying to eat a bit better as well.  So while it's not nothing, it also ain't much at all, and thus confirms my thoughts that drinking Coke wasn't having that large an effect on my weight.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My First Warehouse Sale....

And Walmart purchases.  So I read in the newspaper that there was a "blowout cosmetics sale" going on at one of the arenas in a nearby sportsplex.  I was intrigued but I wasn't going to go out of my way to make a trip to see what it was all about.  This morning my sister and I were doing a whole bunch of shopping and were going to go to Wal-mart, but never ended up making it there because we ran out of time.  So I had just gotten back from a 3 hour long shopping trip with nothing to show for it.  I wanted something.  I know I am doing Project 10 Pan, but I have set myself different rules, so I wanted to get myself primer.  So I set out for Walmart.  They didn't have the primer I wanted, but I decided to try out something different.  I picked up a few other things there and then left.  On the way back I thought "hmmm, I could go check out that warehouse sale thinger" so I did.  And I ended up getting, combined with the Walmart excursion, 7 cosmetic related items for about $30.  Score!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I am not cut out for being a hacker...

So I asked in my last post about making "read more" cuts like you can have in LJ.  Well so I googled it and found a bunch of sites giving me html coding for creating the cuts.  I went through and tried to figure it all out, copying my template and expanding wigets and whatever else they have you do.  And it wasn't working.  Seriously, I was frustrated.  The best option I had found, I followed the instructions perfectly and then it wouldn't let me save at all because I was missing a closing around a "div" or something.  Now, I have always been stellar at following instructions to a T (if they are well given anyway), so I was quite upset that I wasn't getting anywhere.  But I eventually figured it out.

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