Sunday, September 2, 2012

Black Tie Makeup

So I don't play around too much with makeup what with it being summer and my lack of employment which results in me being somewhat of a hermit and not leaving the apartment too much.  However, sometimes I just get bitten with the makeup bug and do crazy things just to do them.  So the other day I put together a classic kinda smokey eye look.

I always look paler in natural lighting...
I was feeling very fancy in my tanktop. lol.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hubby Haircuts

So a long long time ago I attempted to cut my husband's hair (back when we weren't married) and I totally freaked out and botched it and he was like "I'll never let you cut it again" and has gotten professional haircuts since....however, I really wanna cut his hair because it's way cheaper and I cut my own hair usually and I wanna get good at cutting his hair so I need practice lol.  So finally he agreed because I was going to use clippers and we were broke.

And he really needed a haircut.  This is the before pic.

So not pleased.
He usually does a thumbs up in pictures I take of him (our honeymoon has like loads of thumbs up in it).  But he was so not looking forward to this adventure.

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