Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hubby Haircuts

So a long long time ago I attempted to cut my husband's hair (back when we weren't married) and I totally freaked out and botched it and he was like "I'll never let you cut it again" and has gotten professional haircuts since....however, I really wanna cut his hair because it's way cheaper and I cut my own hair usually and I wanna get good at cutting his hair so I need practice lol.  So finally he agreed because I was going to use clippers and we were broke.

And he really needed a haircut.  This is the before pic.

So not pleased.
He usually does a thumbs up in pictures I take of him (our honeymoon has like loads of thumbs up in it).  But he was so not looking forward to this adventure.

So we borrowed his parent's set of buzzers and I have my own razor cutter thinger and set of hair shears.  I cleaned everything really well and got all the bits of cut hair off the clippers and set everything up outside so we didn't have to sweep up.

So organized
So I went to town.  I first sectioned off the top bit because I wanted that longer.  Then I buzzed the rest with the longest guards on the clippers....however, even the largest on wasn't that big so his hair was reallllly short by the end of it.  I think next time I'll just section the hair and cut it with scissors instead.  Now that he trusts me anyway....

This was the finished result! I love his fashionable garbage bag cape.  He didn't have arm holes which I think provided a safety precaution for me so he didn't jump up and grab the scissors from me anytime I made a not-pleased sound.

Not pleased.

Not amused.

It needed some styling and to grow in a bit I think.  But everyone loved it when I posted it on my facebook page.  I also managed to trim his bushy beard a bit so he looks a bit cleaner in that regard as well.  Maybe I'll one day actually have a guy that cares a bit more about his appearance? Lol.

Here's a pic from later that day after I smooshed his hair into a mohawky kinda look.  He still wasn't too pleased with me, but I think he'll let me cut his hair again, so the experience was a win.

Isn't he a cutey.

Alrighty, that's all for now...hopefully I'll post something about super fun things we're doing this long weekend.  I dunno if we have anything planned for Labour Day.  I think his extended family usually have some sort of get together so we might do that.  


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