Monday, August 2, 2010

Blonde Blonder Blondest!

So my need for blonde wasn't satisfied with the honey/caramel bronde that I had going on.  It definitely was lighter than my proper brown, but comparing it to my hair colour now it's massively darker.  I'm kinda glad it went that way though because I went blonde gradually, well...gradually enough.  It's not like I went medium brown to light blonde in one day and shocked everyone (I just shocked my sister and her husband, they had gone away while I was still

So here's the before and after from bronde to blonde!

So I bleached out the colour twice actually.  The first time ended up looking like this:

It's alright looking, but was still really unnaturally yellow compared to other blonde hair.  The pictures make it look nicer than it was.  So I bleached it again a few days later.  The awesome thing about the Kaleidocolors bleach is that you can tell when you reach a less yellow stage because it's blue tinted.  When I painted it on my hair the last time it was teal kinda blue-green colored.  Then as it processed it became more and more blue finally ending up a nice bright robins egg blue.  I then knew the yellow was mostly gone.  This is the result.
Still yellow, I suppose, but a lot lighter than the previous one. The roots looked almost white.  So my final step was toning off the yellow and adding a natural colour.  I used L'oreal Dream Blonde dye.  I am so happy with it, it worked great.
Colour is 9A: Light Ash Blonde.  It comes with a pre-treatment serum to apply to the ends of your hair so they don't soak up the colour due to their increased porosity.  The Clairol Hydrience line that used to exist had that, and it works so well.  The L'oreal one however, also comes with a special shampoo and conditioner and styling treatment so it was definitely worth the $13.99 from Shoppers.  I'll do a better review on this and just haircolours in general sometime later methinks.

Here it is in the hair.  I left it on for 5 minutes only because it started getting dark.  With bleached hair you do not wanna let it develop for the full time because it soaks up the tint and just goes dark.  I probably could've done with 10 mins, but I don' t know if that would actually make a difference, and I'm happy with the final result so no problem really.

Final result without flash:
With flash was at the beginning of the post...

My ends are gross though.  I trimmed off about 1-2 inches all over going through my layered cutting method I have been using for my haircuts recently.  The rest is still rather dry, and isn't so pretty without styling help, but that's fine.  The majority of my hair is in good condition and since I'll be keeping it blonde for a while I'll let it grow out and cut off more of the really fried bits while not frying the rest and eventually my hair will be a lot better at the ends.

So there's me going blonde fully.  This is my final colour, I love it, it suits me, yay!  So far, yes, I have had more fun as a blonde. :)

- Love, Becka


Anonymous said...

Looks amazing and it really suits you. You'll have to let us know if Blondes really do have more fun ;)

Becka said...

Thanks! So far it seems just that blondes are more busy...heh. I'll have more fun once school starts up again and I'm not working crazy long days.

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