Friday, August 24, 2012

Well Hello There....

Holy Long Time No See, Batman....over a year....
...Now I must admit I have been cheating on Blogger and had a blog on Wordpress, but only apparently made like 4 entries in it and then it died as well.  And I have been bit by the blogging bug again and want to chronicle my life and I like Blogger better.  I like that it's connected to google mostly.  Haha.

I wanna just blog about life mostly though.  This blog was previously just makeup and beauty, and that's all fun and I'll still do it because I still do makeup and beauty things most days...but I also cook and bake and craft and work and rant and rave and whine (and wine) and whatever....and I was like "maybe I'll just start another completely different blog" but I like cake for days as a name...and I can't be bothered to do that.

So...Updates I suppose.  My life changes in the past year, this might be a bit:

So, to sum up my life this past year: I moved 8 hrs away from my parents, started my career as a Registered Massage Therapist, lived by myself with my cat for a few months, got married, and now I live with my husband and my cat.  Yup, basically sums it up.

Longer version...
According to my blog, the last entry was in July of last year.  Well, early August I went on a "vacation" to my future new city I would be moving to and got myself a job and an apartment to start September.  I was tickled pink, it was such a fun weekend.  Landed myself a decent job in my profession at a spa, and then found a great little 1 br apartment at a building just a 15 min walk from the spa.  Also, it was hot as hell that week and my fiance and I went to the beach loads.

Fiance and I after heading back from beach, looking goofy.
Then I returned to my parent's homestead and finished up the month at my 2 part-time jobs there.  Had awesome going away parties at both jobs and also in general with my friends.  Packed up 90% of my stuff (I have a lot of stuff, and still have stuff at my parents lol) and with the help of my sister and her hubby, set off to my new digs.  We did a 2 day trip because packing the car took all morning and if we drove straight through I wouldn't be able to get the keys and we'd be stuck, since it would've been like...10pm when we got here.  So we stopped at my Grandma's and stayed the night.  Made it to my apartment the next day just after lunch, had loads of time to unpack.  Lucky for us Mother Nature decided that September 2, 2011 was going to be a heat wave and we got to unpack in 41'C with the humidex weather.  Yay!

So I get all moved in, my sister and bro-in-law leave, I get settled, start my job the next Tuesday (Monday was the holiday).  Everything is fantabulous.  Nothing huge happens really until May of 2012 in this story.  Just a bunch of wedding planning, trips back to parents to visit and try on my dress after it comes in, etc etc. I am probably forgetting something ridiculous though, lol.

So, May 26th 2012.  I get married! I have been dating this guy for 7+ years and have known him for 9+...I think it's about time. lol.  Although, we jokingly decided that on our 7 yr anniversary we were going on a sabbatical and weren't dating I guess we got married after we broke up? Haha.  I'll make a separate blog post with wedding details, but suffice to say it was an awesome day.  I didn't want a traditional wedding/dinner/dance kinda thing, and we wanted to save money so we had an early afternoon ceremony and a tea reception right after (I called it the "punch'n'munch") and then we had all our pictures done after that and then checked into the hotel and dropped off our overnight bags and then went to an intimate dinner with closest friends and family members.  And then we went to the afterparty at a pub.  Funtimes had by all.  It was so fun.  I was so happy.  I had a few drinks, obviously, but didn't feel a buzz off of any of them because I was just so happy already.
Us hamming it up just before the dinner.
Yay! So we go on our honeymoon to Toronto (I wanted to go to the Zoo!) and...the car breaks down. Yay! Not so horrible still ran...just felt like it was going to explode every minute.  Got a temporary fix and it was fine until it completely died the morning we were back we were glad it didn't completely die before then.

Then the next month...the spa I work at closes.  I had 2 jobs technically, but the one place I was working at was really just on call for a client or 2 a month, so I still have that one and have been getting some more clients there, but otherwise I have a lot of free time on my really I should blog more because mostly I have just been watching Doctor Who and Veronica Mars and True Blood and other random things like TED Talks.  And terrorizing my Kitty.
I call her Mrs. Kittypants, but her name is actually Priscilla
So that's a longish brief update about my life this past year.  And now that I am on a blogging buzz and have a lot of free time, hopefully I can blog more and keep it up since I want to have an already established blog for any future big announcements or anything fun in my life I want to keep track of.  I have some ideas for posts already so I'll maybe write a bunch now and just set them to post later haha.

Oh, and the other huge development in terms of me is that I chopped off most of my hair.  It was about bra-band length for the wedding, and now it's this:
It's a long-in-front pixie.  My husband has longer hair than I do at this  He needs a haircut though, I am going to grow mine out again, because the rule is that as soon as you cut your hair everyone else will have really long luscious hair and when you have long hair everyone else has awesome short hair and you wanna follow the trend.  Lol.


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