Sunday, August 26, 2012

Slouchy Hat!

So I finally managed to make a perfect slouchy hat, for how I like slouchy hats anyway.  It might not be for everyone.  I have this awesome hat which I got from Kmart, back when Kmart still existed in Canada here, for like $0.49 when it was closing down.  That was like....when I was still in Grade School, so ages ago.  I still have it, and it's still my favourite hat.  But it's machine knit with like Lace weight yarn or something so I don't really want to just copy it because knitting stockinette knit with really fine yarns in a circle would be really boring and tedious.  Lace weights are for lace which is intricate and somewhat exciting to knit.  So I have been trying to make similar ones and usually the hats come out just like regular tuques.  But this time it was actually slouchy.  Probably because it's a bigger hat, so that's my problem I guess.  I make hats to be fitted and thus they don't slouch.

My face isn't necessary, lol.
So this one is slouchy! The yarn I used is the Loops and Threads "Charisma" yarn, which is pleasantly bulky and really soft.  I have made a cowl of the same yarn and so now I have a sorta matching set I guess.

Mushroom head.
This is how far it pulls down, I suppose I could fold up a cuff to make a it a regular tuque also.  Such versatility!  It could probably even fit my husband's big head.  Lol.  I just took this pic to show the pom pom.  I love pom poms on hats.  This one was kinda awkward because I didn't have a template so I just wrapped it around my fingers so some parts are really long and others aren't so much and I wish it were more bulky but whatever.

The hat itself is just a basic 2x2 rib, 60 sts around, knit on circulars.  I forget what size of circular, but my biggest needles with the smallest connection basically. Lol.  I am a bad knitter, I don't gauge on these things. I am more the type to frog something and try a different pattern or make one up as I go if somehting isn't working out how the pattern says it should.  I chose just simple rib because of the self striping effect of the yarn, I didn't want anything too complicated to look weird with the stripes.

I wanna make a baby-sized hat out of this yarn because I know a lot of people having kids and I like non-baby coloured items more than giving them something pale blue or pale green or pale pink.  I still have one ball left of this colourway so a baby hat with some curly-q's as a pom pom and maybe some booties if I can figure out how to make them.  I have some issues with some things because of the aforementioned lack of doing a proper gauge swatch and checking that.  Bad Knitter!


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