Friday, June 25, 2010

I promise I'm not dead!

Lol.  So long since I've last posted, but like I said, I was busy busy busy.  I have also been getting more hours at one of my jobs so that didn't help matters.  So the wedding was wonderful! There were a few glitches but nothing major.  I was afraid that either me or my sister (the bride) would have a major rant moment somewhere in there about something trivial because of stress but she was super calm the whole time which I think set the tone for everyone else.  It was hilarious, at one point while getting ready she said "Guys, it feels like I'm getting married..." and we're like..."uh, you are.."

Not much makeup-specific pictures because I was rushed with that aspect.  I spent my time on her makeup which makes her look like she's not wearing anything really and then barely had time to do my own let alone the maid of honour's (she asked me like as I was doing mine if I would do her eyes).  But everyone looked fabulous so it's all good.

More pics after the jump!

Me doing my sister's makeup.  She is sooooo fussy.  When I did trials she was a handful, this one went the best of the 3 tries...I think she's finally getting used to me putting makeup on her now.

Bride...she looks so small.  I kept telling her she was too small to get married.  (She's my baby sister so she'll always be the baby.  heh).

Me! I made the earrings that morning by taking apart some bobbly necklace I had...heh.

The happy couple.  They did pics before the ceremony because the ceremony was later in the afternoon...I think they did a few after as well though.

By far the worst part of the day + short skirt + long grass = itchy legs. But even this candid shot looks gorgeous with just my point'n'shoot camera my boyfriend is using....I can't wait to get the pro pics.

Me and my boo.  :) He got a shorty haircut (he used to have "hockey hair") and even shaved without me telling him to!

So that's it for now...I have a bunch of other pics I need to blog about because a) I dyed my hair blondish, b) it looked gross so c) I died it again to a "dark blonde" which came out like medium  and also d) I gave myself a haircut again.  Heh.  So expect a hair-related post in the near future. 

- Love, Becka.

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