Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some (semi) Recent Purchases

Most of these are from today and there is a FOTD and NOTD thrown in as well :)

I suppose I'll start out with the FOTD.
You can also see the final hair colour here, but it's not that different from my natual hair colour.

Rimmel Fix and Perfect primer
Revlon Concealor
Physician's Formula loose mineral powder in Translucent/Light
PF mineral wear blush in Berry Perfection
MAC blacktrack fluidline
Loreal Voluminous
Revlon colorstay lipstick in Sheer Watermelon

One more face pic plus the purchases and NOTD after the jump :)

Part of this is me giving a weirdo face, and part of this is actually that my right eye goes squintier than my left.  Heh.

I lied, there's another face pic...heh.  For some reason I feel better wearing lipstick when I have dyed hair.  I can pull off nudes and some pinks with natural hair...but when I dye my hair I can put on deeper reds, brighter pinks, burgundies in point being my Avon lipstick in Perfect Plum with a bit of Sephora's Bronzed Beauty l./g on top...

Excuse my goofy smile.  But I felt comfortable in this deeper shade.  I didn't feel silly or like I was playing with mommy's makeup or something (My mom doesn't ever wear makeup so...haha).  I see this as a sign to go and buy more lipstick.  Haha.

NOTD is Claire's brand nailpolish from the non-neon rainbow set in the blue.  And then Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Green with Envy on the tips using a sponge to kinda let it fade down.  I wasn't happy with just blue so I went with bright blue AND bright green haha.  The ring I bought at the end of May from Suzy Shier for under $5.  I like it but it's cheap so it turns my finger green when I wear it.

Comfy easy-on skater shoes for $25 bucks from Wal-Mart.  I seriously needed new everyday type shoes as mine were approximately 3 years old and stunk.

Horrid picture of some nail polish for $1.25 each at the dollar store.  The left one is just a basecoat, the right one is this gorgeous pastel mint shade with tiny sparkles. 

Yay Canada! So C-day is this coming Thursday and I am actually going to be doing something for it this year (Going to the boyfriend's house and going to a BBQ, watching boyfriend's band play etc) So I figured I should have something patriotic to wear.  This was $5 at Giant Tiger and it didn't look horrible like some other Canada shirts so I bought it.

A 2fer.  The grey scarf is a long loop of t-shirt material and I have been wanting it for months and months.  So Yay for when I went to Walmart and found it clearance for $2! The best part is that it was hanging on this plastic loop thinger which I am going to use as a bracelet now.  Yay!  I have also decided I need to knit myself something similar to the scarf for a more substantial warmth come winter-time.

My mom also bought me new dressy-comfy pants and a plaid shirt I have been wanting from Reitman's for over a month now, but I have no pics yet.  The pants are pull on but look structured and fancy.  They were $9.99 regular $46.99 and the top was $12.99 regular $30 so yay! 

I'm both dreading and looking forward to this week.  I'm working 10:45-4:15 tomorrow, and then 7am-10am and 3pm-8:15pm on Monday which is going to be killer.  I'll be so dead.  And then probably 1-7 on Tuesday. Then my Dad is taking me and my sister out for DQ finally (It's our tradition once our grades get back if they're good -they always are, we're nerds- he takes us for ice cream)...and then I'll need to pack my bags and I'm headed off to Sarnia to see the boy on Wednesday.  I'll try to post some more before I leave and I'll try to post some when I am there, but I might not be able there will be another absence of postings...:(  But I'll have lots of pics when I come back!

-Love, Becka


..R May A.. said...

That lipstick's so pretty!
- definately a good shade for you :)

Anonymous said...

Nice looks and I love your nail colour.

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