Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Apology FOTD + New Frames!

Ugh, I have been a busy bee lately and have neglected my blog.  My little sister has finally moved back home and now it's feeling really super busy because her wedding is next weekend (the 18th of June).  There's a bunch of stuff I have to do for it still and its all so hectic.  We hosted a bridal shower for her this past Sunday and it was difficult but fun. My sister is the black sheep of the family, so to speak.  What I mean by that is that she's weird and super social and has loads of friends and keeps in touch with everyone and everyone loves her.  The rest of my family is on the shy/quiet side and don't particularly enjoy big gatherings.  I did quite well though...I was kinda in charge so I had to explain the games and everything and I have grown so much from my former shy self because of my schooling and just working with new people almost on a daily basis that I got through it fine.  Heh. 

Anyway, onto the FOTD! I have been doing boring looks lately with just eyeliner or just mascara even so I though I would go for a bright look for summer.  Urban Decay's Deluxe e/s in Graffiti is just what I was looking for in this look.  It's so awesome.

I am also wearing MAC fluidline in Blacktrack, Jane blush in Earth and a mishmash of lip products including an Avon lipstick in Perfect Plum, Revlon Colorstay sheer lipstick in Watermelon, and Avon Glazewear in Rave.

Mascara is the waterproof version of L'oreal Voluminous.

And last Thursday I went to the eye doctor to get a new glasses prescription because I had found some awesome frames at another shop and so Thursday afternoon I ordered them, and Friday afternoon I got a call saying they were there! Speedy! So by Friday night I had gotten new frames.  I Love them...but I feel like they don't photograph well.  They look great in real life though. 

They look good at an angle, but not so much straight on in pics I think...
Or it's just the fact that I look like a deer in headlights anyway in that pic.  Lol. 

I dunno if you can notice, but on my righthand corner of my mouth I have the teeniest patch of eczema and I really hate it.  It's so gross and looks all cakey and gross if I put makeup over it so I scratch off the dead skin and then it's sore and gross.  Anyone know any tips to get rid of eczema?  I think I'll try some hydrocortisone cream and see if that helps.

Also, I've decided to start a 2nd blog that's more about just everyday stuff because I sometimes feel the urge to blog, but I don't wanna make this into an everything blog, I'd rather keep it beauty-related.  So watch out for that.  And I have been toying with the idea of a giveaway sometime in the near future...so keep watching!

- Love, Becka


Jo said...

Looove the glasses!

Anonymous said...

Super cute glasses. Love them!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooo your glasses are super cute and really suit you.

Leah said...

Your hair is getting suuuper long! Love the glasses!

Becka said...

Thanks guy! Leah, I know...I can't tell if it's growing still because it's at that long getting longer stage. Heh.

..R May A.. said...

oo what do you have on your lips? it's pretty :)

Becka said...

R May A, I mentioned it in the post, but here it is again :) "Avon lipstick in Perfect Plum, Revlon Colorstay sheer lipstick in Watermelon, and Avon Glazewear in Rave."

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