Monday, July 26, 2010

Bleach Review: Kaleidocolors by Clairol Professional

So I wasn't satisfied with the blonde result 100% so I went back to Sally Beauty Supply and bought myself a packet of bleach thinking I would put in some lighter streaks to get a different effect.  Well, I then changed my mind and decided to go lighter all over.  One packet of bleach wasn't going to do much to my hair for sure so I went back and bought myself a  I plan on being blonde for a longer period of time so I'll need more for touchups and stuff.  Also I might do my sister's hair as she's wanted a streak bleached to put purples or blues in for some time now...and she hasn't been able to get it done herself so this might work.

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I bought the Kaleidocolors powder in Blue Azul from Clairol Professional
Cost: with my beauty club card it was $20.95 from SBS, well worth it as each packet of 2oz is about $5 and I used approximately 8oz total so far to do my whole head so that would've been $20 from packets and none left over!
Claims: "Lightens up to 5 levels and adds cool tones, for black to medium blonde hair;" "Lightens and tones in one easy step;" and "10 minutes to perfectly toned highlights."
What I liked: It definitely works in 10 minutes.  Although I went from a medium blonde to a light blonde so that's probably why.  The instructions, however, have you sitting under a heated dryer with a cap on your head for the 10 minutes so the extra heat and the cap would probably lift at least from a medium brown depending on how you hair handles.  It smells great.  It only faintly smells like chemicals and actually smells more like some blue-raspberry sweet bubblegum kind of scent.  I had vague images of people trying to eat it because it smelled like candy.  Heh.  It's also not *too* damaging.  My hair was pretty porous and dry to begin with from the stripping of the darker colour last attempt, but this didn't make it any/much worse.  However, I also drenched my hair in conditioner and olive oil after.
What I disliked: It didn't really add much cool tones.  My hair looked green while developing, but once rinsed it was still yellow/golden coloured which is pretty standard for bleaching hair.  I think it would've been nice if it gave you an estimate of how much to use for a whole head of hair as it just gives you the ratio to mix at and I had to keep going and mixing more and more to get my head covered.  But I guess professionals would be able to tell just by prior experience how much to use.
Would I buy this again? Yes, but I don't think I'll actually run out of the powder as I have probably enough to bleach my whole head at least 4 more times.  I would also perhaps try the violet shade as well if needed, but my hair goes more golden/orange easier than it does just blue is the opposite of that rather than just purple.

Result pics to come...

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