Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haul Haul Haul! and NOTD and TNOTD?

Haha, so I have today off, which is bad because my mom is away and my dad bikes to work so I have the car to myself and no one actually kinda knows that I had the day I was being bad.  I went shopping.

Sally emailed me a coupon yesterday for a free eyeshadow if I spend $10 before tax...well, sure I'll do that.  This is just after they emailed me a notice saying if I spend $7.25 more this month I get 15% off next, well, I had to do that obviously.  Next month I am going to buy myself some hair scissors and a razor so I have those when I move away.

So I bought some Duo eyelash glue and some eyelashes to practice with so I can be 100% good at applying them by the time my wedding rolls around.
Just some basic lashes...nothing special. I also still have some individual lashes somewhere but I needed glue.

And I picked the Aruba Blue colour from the eyeshadow for free!
It's pretty sheer, but I think it would be buildable really easily, and since my eyes are still giving me waterworks, I don't really care either way at the moment, it's pretty so yeah.

So then I drove over to Walmart and had some McD's for lunch and it was guiltily delicious.  I don't go out for fast food often, and even though I do so more now at work, I haven't had McD's food since the beginning of June.  However, I adore their $1 iced coffees so I have those often enough...haha.

At Walmart I found some sandals, which was great cuz I seriously needed some. I have sore feet so any flats, flipflops, etc hurt my feet if I have to walk outside on hard pavement/ I needed something with a bit of cushion. I found these and couldn't decide between black or light beige...but my size was only in black so it was a decision made for me.
Not the sexiest sandals ever, but they are comfy and I can walk in them.

I also bought some makeup and nail polish
Physician's Formula eyeliner trio in Green Eyes. I have this in Hazel (except my package said green too..hehe) so I have in total: two blacks (one with green sparkles, one with pinkish purple sparkle), a lighter pinkish purple, brown, green, darker bluish purple. Sweetness.  These (and other liquid eyeliner etc) stays on my eyes even with my teariness so I like the colour options.

White crackle! Or "Texture Coat" according to this brand.  Sally's didn't have the China Glaze white version which I wanted I got this.

And then I went over to my favourite store, Shoppers Drug Mart, and bought myself some drinks and saw this in the sale section for $5
Thought I would try it for $5, sheer tint is all I need/want in the summer anyways. It's a little dark, but I can mix it with my multitudes of lighter foundations. It's the colour of my tanned arms and my face is not as tanned.

Speaking of sheer tint, a week or so ago I bought Covergirl Smoothers Tinted moisturizer. It was on sale for $6.99 and I had a coupon for $2 off so $4.99 is a great price for summer-friendly makeup.
This is 3 shades darker than I normally buy, I have gotten pretty tanned this summer. Haha

And last week I also bought China Glaze's Ruby Pumps, which is fun stuff for sure.
This picture sucks, haha.

Anywho, onto the NOTD and TNOTD (toe-nail of the day)
China Glaze Black Mesh from the Crackle collection overtop 
of Wet'n'Wild fastdry collection in Sage in the City.

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy with Sally Hansen speed dry sheer with gold sparkles overtop, I forget the actual colour name.  The CG Flip Flop Fantasy finishes matte which I don't really like, and the gold sparkles actually tones it down somewhat.

Well, there you go, so much money spent on things..haha.  I am excited because next week I am on vacation and am visiting my fiance and going to the beach etc.  And then after that I only have 3 weeks left of work before I have another week off to pack and move.  Hopefully I can find an apartment when I am down visiting next week and hopefully I get a job asap too...

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