Friday, November 2, 2012

My Favourite Lipsticks: In my Collection

I used to not wear lipstick.  I had like...a billion lip balms and glosses (maybe that's an but at one point I had 8 lipglosses in my pencil case at school).  I never got into them until after I got really into more intense makeup.  It helped that it looked a lot better whenever I had unnatural coloured hair.

But lately I have been wanting to try more colours and wearing lipstick more often, and trying to venture out of my comfort zone of sheer barely there colours into more substantial lipsticks.  So I have been buying some here and there and this is my collection.

Not that many...and I don't wear a lot of them still, lol.  But here are a few of my favourites from my collection.

Rimmel: Kate's Collection: 03
It melted in my purse this summer, hence the non-standard shape.

NYC: Sheer Red: 309
I don't wear this as often as I should, I still am kinda afraid of the red lip, but this is a nice red.

Revlon: Lip Butter: Berry Smoothie
This is the "your lip colour amplified" colour for me as I occasionally have rather pinky flush lips.
I love the lip butters so much.  I need to get more.

Rimmel: Lasting Finish: Airy Fairy
This is my oldest and most used lipstick, if you couldn't tell.  I used to not like nudes so much  (and still don't like actual nudes) but this one is almost like a light blush pinky nude, so it doesn't wash out my lips.

Rimmel: Moisture Renew: Vintage Pink
This is another kinda "amplified lips" colour, with a bit more a cool purpley tone to it.
 I haven't worn it much, but I love the colour.

Rimmel: Moisture Renew: Nude Delight
I actually only started loving this one this week.  For some reason before I felt like it washed me out or was too orangey toned for my skintone.  Maybe that was when I wasn't in this weird in between skintone of Fall.  Seriously, I am not super pale again yet, but my tan is definitely faded.

L-R: Vintage Pink, Airy Fairy, Berry Smoothie, Sheer Red, 03, Nude Delight
Ignore the fact that this is a horrible quality photo please. 

Top down: Sheer Red, 03, Nude Delight
Somewhat shaded by my phone.

Bottom Up: Vintage Pink, Airy Fairy, Berry Smoothie and a tip of Sheer Red

Horrible quality pictures, but my camera is acting strange again and likes to go to video mode instead of picture mode and I didn't want to deal with that and uploading so I just used my phone.  I wanna set up my phone so I can blog from it a bit, then maybe I would blog more.

Basically, I really love Rimmel lip products.  If anyone has any favourites from those lines (or from other lines) let me know.  I really want to get more lipsticks.  I think for now I'll stick to sheers and nudes and natural kind of colours since I am more likely to wear them on a regular basis than I would say a hot pink or a black (lol).

Anywhoo...look, I posted more than once this week.  Hopefully I get in an habit of that.


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