Friday, November 16, 2012

November Topbox!

Once again I got the notice that I got my Topbox delivered from Canada Post and then it comes the next day.  And this time, for some reason, the delivered it to my door and woke me and my hubby up about 30 mins before we had to get up anyway.  Random.

Anyway, last month was my first ever Topbox and it was kinda a disappointment, but this month's is pretty cool for sure.
Arranged so nicely on my laptop.

And here's what's inside and my initial views on them:

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in I'm Not Lion from the On Safari Collection
- I was mega excited for this to come, and for it to be sparkly is just so awesome.  It is a cool gold colour overall, and the sparkles, some of them seem to be those iridescent ones that are like orange and green and I assume are reflecting rainbows but those are the main colours you'd see from them if you look up close.  I haven't swatched it, but I will later today (I'll post a NOTD maybe).  I expect it to be rather sheer and I'll need a colour underneath to be the background to the sparkles.  Topbox says the full size (which this is) retails for $10-$12 at salons, but you can buy these at Sally Beauty Supply for $6.99 (I think that's without the club card even).  I am excited to try this out though as I have been wanting to get a gold sparkle for a while now. 

Pari Beauty Lip Paint in Red
- First thoughts is that the packaging looks kinda cheap for this product, but also that I feel like I have seen this before in someone's youtube video from another sample box.  I don't remember which one and don't particularly want to go looking around for it if it does exist.  But onwards to the product.  I did swatch this one and took it on a mini test drive and so far it is performing beautifully.  The colour looks really bright in the tube and in the picture above, and does go on Red for sure, but it's not an outlandish red.  It is very wearable IMO.  I don't wear red lipstick that often but usually because I find it wears off my lips too easily and then the long wearing formulas flake and look weird.  But I like this one so far.  It is definitely not a gloss.  It goes on creamy and has some sheen to it, but isn't sticky at all.  It smells sweet and yummy (my Kitty was even sniffing around the tube a bit just a minute ago).  It doesn't dry out your lips like the "longwearing" kinda of lipsticks do, and it lasted through lunch decently enough.  I would definitely wear this when going out or, if I can get it sheered out a bit, during the daytime.  

Here are some swatches, for some reason it doesn't come off as bright in photographs, but maybe it's my crappy phone camera.
with flash on my weirdly chubby looking hand
without flash and looking washed out on my lips, ignore my weird pout and my gross skin

I just re-read the description and it says it's glossy, but I found the glossy was only when it was freshly put on (see hand swatch) and didn't last long, which is fine.  Full size is 5.5mL (sample is 4mL) and is $14.  I don't wear red lips that often so the sample will last me a while, but I might consider purchasing this in full size if I found myself wearing it more often.

Next up, Lovestruck by Vera Wang
- I don't wear perfume that often, but I am not opposed to it in general.  I just don't care enough everyday to put some on, and frankly, I don't think I should wear it when I am working with the general public as a health professional.  Some clients are allergic to perfumes so I don't use them on days I work.  So basically, this sample is awesome for me because I would only wear perfume on days I don't work or days I am going out, so a sample size is perfect.  This says it is a "sparkling floral bouquet that blooms with instant attraction."  I don't know what that means other than it's a floral scent?  It is a light scent, definitely floral but not overpoweringly so.  It seems to have some sort of fruity notes too it because I smelt a bit of a pear or apple kinda scent, and something sweet as well.  This makes me want to look up what the actual description of each layer of the scent is and see if I got anything right.  I do have a pretty decent sense of smell. Sample size is 4mL and the full size can be either 50mL for $79 or 100mL for $105 (that would be the better deal I guess). 

Also, I totally just spilled some on myself when trying to open the package so now I smell good.  

Last but not least:

Benefit They're Real Mascara
- I am excited for this because I always like to try new mascaras but I hate getting a full tube and then deciding I don't like it and I've wasted the money.  Sample tubes of mascara are awesome because you have to replace mascara so often anyway.  I am a little scared as to what it will do to my lashes since I have rather long lashes anyway and tend to avoid lengthening mascaras because they'll make my lashes touch my glasses and leave smears.  But It does say length and volume, so hopefully it's more volume than length, lol.  I am already wearing mascara for today and so I'll try it out tomorrow. Sample size is 3g and full size is 8.5g and costs $29.

Overall, very pleased with this Topbox selection.  There was more than one makeup sample and they're actual useable sizes that should last for a while, enough to thoroughly test it out.

- Becka

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