Sunday, November 4, 2012

What I have been working on: Crochet.

I always want to type crochet like this: chrochet.  That makes no sense though.

So lately I have been knitting a lot, prefering the look of knit to crochet (especially with any variegated yarns) but throughout all of that knitting I have been working at this painstakingly long and annoying project.

So I got the pattern off of pinterest originally from THIS site which calls them "Sea Pennies" because she did them in various blues and sea glass colours.

I was originally going to make a ripple afghan from my various purples and reds that I had amassed over the years (mostly from my Grandma's basement).  But some of the yarn had very little to it, not enough for a full row of afghan, and I was sick of making those afghans anyway (though they are beautiful).  So I thought, why not do these curious sea pennies, it looks cool.

And yeah, it does look cool.  Just each of those circles takes maybe 1 - 2 minutes to make and attach to the rest as you're making it and then you're done that colour and need to get another colour.  And then I am making it to fit a twin size bed as a I have to make roughly 40" of sea pennies across for each row, and as each are about 2 inches wide...that's 20-40 mins per row of afghan.  If I was straight crocheting a row it would take me 10 mins probably.

Not to mention having to pick the yarns so it is random yet planned so that we don't get two of the same next to each other.  And then I need to get more yarn before I can go too far so that I don't have completely different yarns at one end from the other.

I think I bit off a bit too much, but luckily, the likelihood that I will have a twin size bed that needs a bedspread in the near future is slim since I live in a one bedroom apartment with my husband and we have a queen size bed.

Anywho....that is that.  TTYL

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