Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Nail Polish Collection (Thus Far)

So I was thinking about doing this for a while, but never got around to it.  I kinda was going to do it alongside my makeup collection post, but that never happened lol.  So when I saw Leah do this, I was reminded of it and since I have the weekend off and nothing to do...haha, I thought I'd go for it! 

Here's how I store them.  They're all just jumbled into a basket on my bottom shelf near my desk for easy access.


L-R;T-B: Sally Hansen in Lightening, OPI in Mat-adore Red, NYC in Broadway Burgundy, Sally Hansen in Mandarin, Claire's brand in the Red, Orange and Yellow from their non-neon rainbow set.

Covergirl Nailslicks in Galactic Green (I never use this, it's so old), Sally Hansen in Green With Envy and Emerald City, Claire's brand Green from the rainbow set.

NYC in Skin Tight Denim and Kool Blue, Miss Kiss in Electric, Rimmel in Fusion, and Claire's brand Blue from rainbow set.

Sally Hansen in Vixen, Rimmel in Zeitgeist, Caboodles in Bomb, Claire's brand Purple from rainbow set, and Sally Hansen in Purple Potion.

NYC in Fuschia Shock, Revlon in Racy Raspberry, Billie in Fuschia (this is a neon matte pink, it's crazy), Unknown pink, Avon in Brilliance, and Sally Hansen in First Blush

Sally Hansen in Pink Opals and Strobe Light, L'oreal in Full Tilt, Luminelle in Sucre Vanille, NYC in Love Letters, Salley Hansen in White On, Maybelline in a shimmery gold colour (no name), Sally Hansen in Francaise, NYC in 122b and String of Pearls, Sally Hansen in Nude (Clear).

Unnamed Brown, Avon in Baroque, Revlon in Honey, Unnamed shimmery Nude, Mini Avon in Sheer Nuance, Sally Hansen in Futuristic.

Sally Hansen in Black Out, Naturistics Super Chrome in Gunmetal, Billie in a really super shimmer silver...label with colour got removed apparently. 

So there you go! I am in the market for some of those lovely Greiges that are around but I can't seem to find, and some lovely pastels. 

- Love, Becka


Jo said...

You have soo many!

holly said...

wow impressive collection! :D

Helen [In Elegance] said...

Great collection, you have some gorgeous colour there.

Check out my collection here.

Kasia said...

my collection looks similar;)

vintagerosee said...

oou i loove your collection, i like the pinkss.


Marie Z. said...

Very impressive! I have maybe 1/5 of this! ha ha

Olivia said...

Great collection! Mine is slowly growing like yours! I've just done a new storage post for mine! :) xx

..R May A.. said...

Great collection!
I love the red at the front :)

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