Monday, July 5, 2010

Update and a Question

So I'm back from my mini-vacay to Sarnia to visit my boyfriend.  It was fun.  Canada day was a bit of a bomb at first because I didn't know anyone at the BBQ my boy took me to and he knew most of the ppl there so I felt all alone and blah.  But watching him play with his band was fun and then we had a good time afterwards watching fireworks and stuff.  The Sarnia ones were on par with the ones here in Ottawa generally.  The ones in Ottawa this time might have been wicked awesome though because they doubled the budget due to the dear-old Queen visiting. 

So yeah.  I was sorely tempted to purchase makeup items while I was there because their Wal-mart is better stocked than the one's here.  I almost bought Soft Nude by Revlon for 7.97, and I almost bought either a nude or the Rose Sorbet lipstick from Rimmel, but I chickened out last minute.  I think once I pay my tuition I will get the Rose Sorbet one for sure and most likely Soft Nude as well if I can find it here (otherwise I'll send my boy to get it...heheh).

What I did buy was Maybelline The Colossal mascara in waterproof from the Superstore (Loblaws by another name...hehe) because it was on sale for $5.99 which is decent and it's my fave mascara for big lashes. 

So that's that.  My question I have is if anyone has tried the Rimmel lipstick in either the nude or the rose sorbet and what their verdict is.  I like the lasting finish lipsticks well enough but have never tried the moisture renewal ones...

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