Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My trip to Sally's!

So the other day I searched on google for Beauty Supply stores in my hometown and I got a few weirdo places and one that seemed okay so I checked that out on monday and it seemed smallish with not that many types of hairdye.  So I was a bit bummed but whatever.  So I check online on Sally's and maybe I can order stuff? Nope, it's US shipping only for the time being. I store locate for nearest one thinking I might cross the border sometime in the near future and...lo and behold, there's one near my neighbourhood! Yay.

So I bus there (worst bus ever....the driver kept braking at random times and drove probably like 60kmh in the 90kmh bus only zone...).  It's amazing! I've never been to a beauty supply store before but I am totally going to go there often I think.  Esp if I am going to be dying my hair again regularly.  I got their club card because it was only $5 for the whole year...

I bought most of my supplies for going blonde:
Ion Color Brilliance permanent cream dye in 10A Lightest Ash Blonde
Pure White developer in 40vol
Clairol Shimmerlights shampoo (the large size -it was only a dollar more regular and then with the BCC it was the same price as regular priced smaller size...yay)
And when I got to the cash the girl suggested I get some treatment packets because I was dying my hair, and they were on sale for 99 cents so I picked up two.
Ion Repair Solutions Effective Care Treatment
* all images found searching on google.images

So my budget for this going blonde project was $50.  And the total for today was just over $30, leaving me with a bit to buy the dye-remover at the drugstore as I need to first get rid of the stuff I already have in my hair.  If that doesn't work I'm just gonna give it a quick bleach.  Yay!

-Love, Becka

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