Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Baaaaack

After a long long long long time, I have decided to get into the blog thing again. I have been watching a lot of youtube and stuff and wanting to just blog and write about makeup I have bought, beauty stuff, whatever.

The reason I was gone was mostly school...I have now finished my diploma program for Massage Therapy and am going to be writing my licensing exams soon and then I will be registered.  In the past while since I posted last I have: gone back to dark hair, acquired a cat, gotten an eye infection or something which has gotten me really miffed about makeup since my eyes tear up and it removes all eye makeup waterproof or otherwise, gotten engaged, booked my wedding stuff, paid off debts..and I am sure I am missing major events as well but whatever, I am sure they will come up in my ramblings.

I also got a new computer which is much faster and has a built in webcam because its a lappy rather than a compy.  This is great because my old compy a) decided it didn't want to recognize it's DVD/CDROM drive anymore, b) had 512mb RAM and was super slow and c) decided I had installed new hardware when I hadn't.  So now I have this sexy beast
And its wonderful. I just have to get used to the keyboard as I keep pressing \ instead of enter.  lol.

To be all photowhorish I shall post a pic of what I look like now, since last time I posted I was a blondey.

So attractive with that expression, lol. Note my ring haha...ENGAGED!

So I think I'll do a haul/post about stuff I have bought recently and brief reviews next, but for now...I'm back!

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