Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Ring, The Plans, The Dress, The Stress

No Idea why I would be stressed about my wedding which isn't happening for a year and a week...but I am.  I really shouldn't be because I have the church penciled in (they weren't booking yet lol) and the dinner venue is booked as well so the major things are out of the way...and I was all thinking I had the entire summer to leisurely look for dresses.  But no, apparently that makes me stressed.  I do have all summer until the end of August to pick a dress, but I am also working almost full time hours, evenings...and occasional that doesn't leave me with a lot of free time. I feel like all I do is sleep in, go to work, come home, eat, putter around on the computer and then go to bed and repeat.  I work at 11ish daily, and dress shops around here don't open until I would only have an hour to do anything.  

That and my little sister who is the MATRON of honour (yeah, she's married before I am..) works full time at the hospital so if I have a Friday off because I'm working the weekend she doesn't...and if I'm working the weekend then it's not like I can go shopping lol.  

I did go dress shopping last week, but, I am not a slender girl by any means. I have hips like "POW" like I say.  Or, according to the comic "Questionable Content" I am "aerodynamically curvacious."  Thus, clothing shopping is difficult.  Wedding dress shopping is equally or more difficult.  The larger sizes (as bridal runs small) aren't very vast in selection...and they seemed to be all the same sort of style, which was okay, and looked okay on me...but I didn't like per se.

So I am nervous that a) I won't find anything I like, b) that if I find what I am looking for that it wont be in a decent trying on size so I won't try it on and then c) that I will miss it and settle for a dress I dont love.

But whatever, pictures! Here is my ringaling
It's delicate and totally fits with the size that my fingers are.  I would totally love a ginormous rock, but it would probably be the size of my entire finger segment from knuckle to knuckle lol.  The side view has teeny hearts which I adore and the inside has the "past present future" inscription and 2 hidden diamonds which is neato.  I love it, and I love how much it sparkles.

Anywho, totally unrelated to anything makeup, but I am going to be making this blog more just for myself and my ranting and raving and whatever else rather than try to keep it strictly makeup related.  

And now, since it's almost midnight (or night noon as I call it) I am off to bed!

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