Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I finally paid off all my credit card debt and now I just owe my parents money for them paying some tuition for college, so I finally have some spending money that is guilt free.  I have a steady income and most of it is saving right now so I have been spending it as well for stuff I need/want.  Here are some purchases!

I have gone on a bit of a nail polish rampage...I wasn't allowed to wear it during clinic or outreaches for school so I could only wear it weekends really and now that I am done school and a) my nails have grown a lot since I Haven't been massaging lately and b) I no longer have to be polish free when I work...I have bought and worn a lot more colours.  However, I am mega impatient and can't be arsed to wait around while polish dries.  I find it takes enough time to even paint your nails in a proper manner that when they have been painted I immediately get bored and want to do stuff, thus usually ruining my polish.  So, I love quick dry polish.  I love the new line from Wet'nWild the "fastdry" line.  They last alright, sure they chip, but no more than any other polish I have and less than some of the crappier brands so yay. And for less than $3 each that's pretty good. I have 4 colours from them:
"gray's anatomy"
This one is a duochrome or whatever, looks greyish in some lights and purplish or pinkish in others and somestimes even green, photos are crap quality from my phone. 

(I ripped of the label so no name lol)
This one was the initial purchase because it's soooo bright blue and I fell in love.
"teal of fortune"
Can't see this one too great but it's a lovely teal shade, very mermaidy, however it stains your nails.
"sage in the city"
This is sorta the green I want my wedding colour to be, yay. 

Here are a couple not from that line:
I love this one too, called "grey matter" as you can see.  Good creamy finish with no shimmer.
"night prowl"
A different WetnWild.  Do NOT buy.  I had to put like 4 coats on to get to the opacity I wanted and while putting more coats on it kinda move the sparkles around as you're brushing so it's hard to get it even.  Finally when it's opaque enough it's the same colour as my other dark purpley reds.  

Other purchases

I wanted to try this line since my other Garnier day moisturizer was decent and it's now run out completely.  Plus the "night" cream? I dunno if it actually says night cream on it haha.  But my skin is super dry after washing it and usually I use vaseline or baby oil and that helps, but I was hoping to try something other than petroleum based products...hmm. I haven't tried them at all, just got them today as they were on sale for $8.79 each.  Review to come hopefully.

Finally, as I have been having eyeball issues with watering and it removing all my eyeshadow I have sorta decided to experiment more in lip products.  I have bought these recently:
L-R: Maybelline Colorsensational in Sweet Nectar 545 $2.53 on clearance, Rimmel Moisture Renew in Vintage Pink $4.99, Rimmel Lasting Finish in Nostalgia and Drop of Sherry $2.99 each.

My faves of the above are the Vintage Pink and the Nostalgia.  

In non beauty product purchases I just got these in the mail from various eBay bids:
Owl Necklace $1.48
Birdy Earrings $2.08

That is all, I think, for now.  Pics of my new hair to come soon as I have further fried it by dying it reddish brown.  Toodles!

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