Saturday, June 18, 2011

A week of no mascara

Yup, you read that right.  I have almost gone an entire 7 days with no mascara, no eyeliner, no eyeshadow, nothing on my eyes at all.  No contact lenses either, which sucks because it is mega sunny lately and I have no Rx sunglasses so I am either blurry eyed but shaded, or squinty eyed and can see proper.

So, since February I have been having really watery weird eyes.  I would wake up with them all gummed up and crusted, gross.  Yet they weren't itchy, they weren't red unless I would rub them, and they weren't like abnormal coloured tears at all.  The only thing that I felt was weird was that the tears seemed oilier than normal and thus would stay near my eyes and just muck around and remove my makeup (even with UDPP because they seemed oily).  Dr said it was an infection (without looking at me closer than 4 feet away...ugh), and gave me some drops.  They didn't work.  Gave me some new drops and told me to not wear any makeup at all for a while.  I cheated, I still wear foundation and bronzer but nowhere near my eyes.

So seems to be working so far.  I haven't have to wipe away tears as often at all, and my eyes are normally pretty teary to begin with (I look like I am crying after I laugh, sneeze, supress a laugh, on a windy day, yawning etc) so I am not looking to go from watery mess to dry as a desert...I understand some tearing is normal for me.

I will be doing these drops until Wednesday and then keep makeupless until Friday to see if it's actually worked (and its not some weirdo thing the drops were doing) and also because Friday is payday and then I can go and buy makeup.  Since...yeah...I am going to throw out all my eye products which I am at least 10% sure I used while having my watery eyes.  Which is pretty much all of the stuff I really like and use on a regular basis.

However, this lets me get to start fresh! And I can buy products which I know I loved again, as well as then not feel guilty for buying more eyeshadows if I already had some at home.  I shall probably get one of the coastalscents/equivalent palettes to replenish my colour selections and then get some nice high quality neutrals as well.  Yay! Sad days for my wallet probably.

First trip will be to sephora to pick up some UDPP and perhaps an eyeshadow and an eyeliner.

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