Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: Sigma Round Top Kabuki Brush

Taken from Sigma's Website

OMG. I Love this brush.  Love is such a weak word for it actually. I have tried applying liquid foundation in several different ways, and while I found that each foundation usually has the best way to apply it, everyone else seemed to have awesome possum time using a duo-fibre brush and that made them all flawless and glowy. Well not so for me.  I have tried duo-fibre stippling brushes and either I did it completely wrong or it's just wrong for me because it didn't look good at all.  Or it would look okay for 5 mins and then suddenly get cakey (a habit I have with foundation in general though).  I have tried regular foundation brushes, fingers, sponges, damp sponges, stippling, buffing, other kabukis, etc.  None worked as well as this Sigma brush.  The closest was a damp sponge but that only worked with my Revlon Colorstay.  

This brush, using it to just buff on my liquid foundation is like I am just brushing away impefections with a magic brush and I don't even have foundation on.  

The bristles are super soft and unbelievably dense.  The handle is a good size, not awkwardly long, and not short like traditional kabukis.  It looks all sleek and sophisticated. It is totally my favourite brush in my collection. I think I may order the angled top for using with blush/bronzer.  Or even splurge and order the set and either have a backup round top or give it a friend as a gift.  I love this brush so much.

I haven't washed it yet, but I imagine it is going to be a bit difficult because the fibres are so dense.

I hope sigma uses these bristles for other brushes.  I can see an eyeshadow brush being really awesome with such soft dense synthetic bristles.

Seriously, go buy this brush. It is so awesome, and only $16 bucks.

GO NOW! lol..jk.

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