Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two Month Waiting List....

Is apparently what there is at Sephora in my city for buying the Urban Decay Naked palette.  It's so friggin popular man.  I was gonna go get one there tomorrow, but my friend went and let me know how long the waitlist is and then informed me of this wonderful little tidbit of knowledge: The Shoppers Drug Mart near one of the malls has them in stock in store.  Yay!

They had like 5 in stock...I dunno how more people don't know of this..haha. I felt so sneaky getting it.  First of all a Shoppers that carries Urban Decay! Most of the ones near me have Benefit, Smashbox, Lancome, Stila, and Clinique and some other high end stuff in their Beauty Boutique section, but I haven't seen one with an Urban Decay til today.  So yay for both Naked palette with no wait, and also Shoppers Optimum points! Boo Yeah!

I will be patient and wait til tomorrow to try it though as I just washed all my brushes.  I finished my eye drops last night and since starting them my eyes have only watered when I am yawning lots, or sneezing lots, or if like sweat gets in them (which happens a lot more than one would expect  No random out of the blue watering so yay. Healed! I can wear makeup again!  

I already threw out most of the stuff I know I had used when I was infected...and I am keeping one or two that I used maybe once and not actually on the watery parts or near the watery parts of my eyes (crease use only) just because it's a shame to throw out a barely used Urban Decay Graffiti.  But, I am uber excited to start building up my collection again. Yay. 


No Model Lady said...

I love my naked palette!

BreezeyBee said...

hehe my boots has urban decay but no they dont have the naked palette.

and YEAHH for getting better :)

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