Saturday, July 9, 2011


What is this big garbage bag in my room?

I bet you will never guess...haha.  

Apparently I have become an unintentional hoarder of old ripped jeans. I knew I had a tendency to keep them, but I just didn't know the extent to which I was keeping them.  I have 18 pairs in that bag there.  Haha. Me being all aerodynamically curvaceous and whatnot, my thighs rub together.  This means that the area where my thighs rub together on pants tends to get thin and wear out faster than the rest.  This seems especially so with ones with more than just the 1% spandex.  And since I like spandex in my jeans for some stretch, that is all my jeans apparently.  So yeah, they wear out and rip, and they're hard to patch easily because it's all thinned out there and if you sew over it it would just rip along wear you sew.  So I throw them in the back of my closet thinking "maybe I will make them into a skirt or something."

I already have 2 denim skirts, and I don't wear skirts that often so I dunno what I would do with 18 more Plus I can't sew anything more than a tote bag.  

So yeah, called my more crafty sister up and asked her if she would have use for perfectly good denim that is only unwearable in one area.  She thinks she can find something to do with them (quilt? rug? dogbed? I dunno) so I packaged them into a bag.  

So yeah, no more hoarding of denim...haha.  

Happy non-Hoarder.  Note the full closet still haha...I gotta purge that soon.


Pragmacat said...

I have the same problem. Honestly, my favorite heavy quilt is made from my old jeans. So soft. So comforting.

Radiant.MakeUp said...

I have the same problem lol - no idea what to do with them!! x

parenting articles said...

wow! those are a lot!:O

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