Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eyeball Rant Again

So I stopped the antibiotics after 10 days and I guess I spoke too soon last time because my eyes are as watery as ever now again.  I don't think it was an infection.  They are only watery.  The eyelids are kinda red but only like after I have washed my face and scrubbed off my eye makeup etc. The tears are tears, they aren't gross or goopy or anything...just plain ol' clear tears.  I need to make another appointment because this is seriously bothering me.  I wouldn't mind as much if the tears didn't wash away my makeup like an hour after I put it on...actually, no, they bother me a lot. It wells up in my eye and I blink and it doesn't go away and it blurs my vision cuz its like looking through a glass of water or something, and it makes driving kinda a difficult experience and thus not safe.

That and I look like I hate my life all the time and am always just so emotional. Lol.

The makeup thing actually pisses me off and makes me depressed because I love my makeup and I think I am damn good at it (on myself anyway) and thus it just sucks to have that wash away right away and look like crap and smudge.

Argh. I pray this gets better soon..otherwise I am just gonna go from Dr. to Dr. and be like ``fix meeeee!!!``

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