Sunday, July 24, 2011

NOTD and New Hair

Bright blue nails, from the Wet'n'wild quick drying nail polish line...I love it.

I forget the colour, it's somewhere listed in on of my purchasing posts...haha.

And I fixed my multicoloured hair somewhat. I had some leftover medium golden brown from Sally's Ion demi-permanent line that I had used on my mother a while ago, but it came out darker than she wanted so she didn't like it.  So I supplemented that with L'oreal Healthy Color in Light Brown and I stared with just the Sally on the roots and then mixed a bit of the L'oreal in to do the upper mid length and then a bit more to slather on the most of the rest of it...left the ends until just the very last thing because they are so fried and soak up any colour to black really fast.  Turned out pretty even, dark, but still definitely brown, and I love it.  
Here's an awful pic I snapped in my bathroom haha..
Ignore my face and lack of makeup...I'm heading to bed.

I also bought a lot of gloves. Like vinyl gloves for dying hair. I had an adventure the other week when I did my mom's hair and didn't have any gloves. I used some moisturizer with silicones in it and slathered that on my hands but some of the dye still got through and stained my hands a bit.  So I thought I'd invest in some gloves for hair dying adventures.  They were on sale, buy one box at full price, get a second for 1c.  So I did.  Now I have 198 gloves left after using 2 for today's dying.  Haha.  

I'm glad though because the L'oreal gloves that came with the Healthy Colour are a load of crap. It's like someone cut out non-sticky saran wrap and then heatglued them together in a glove shape.  I'd rather just stain my fingers they're so annoying. But with my happy vinyl gloves I don't have to. :)

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