Monday, July 18, 2011

I want this dress...

I have gone shopping loads lately with my mum.  It seems like any time I have the morning off (ie: every Thursday) and if I get an unexpected day off (if no one is booked at work), then we go out shopping.  She has been buying loads of clothing for herself and her rationale is that my dad plans to retire soon so when he no longer has an income she can't buy as much stuff.  lol.  Anyways, we went to Reitman's and I found this dress on the back rack.
Supercute. Supercomfy. Want.

Unfortunately, I then found out why it was on the back rack....
I asked my mum, who sews, if it was a fixable rip and she said no...

So then we went to 3 other Reitman's trying to find this dress luck.  I expect it was somehting like someone had bought it not noticing the rip and then returned it or something and they had just stuck it on the back rack quickly.  I wish I never found it because I want it so much but it's ripped.  

I also found this lovely dress:
Which has pockets! Yay! But unfortunately it's $99.99 and I have don't have that kind of money and I don't have anywhere to wear that dress either.  Well, perhaps like a fancy party for my wedding, but that isn't for sure that there will be any fancy parties haha. Later though my mum said she wished she could just "spend willy nilly" because she would've bought me the dress. Haha, I love my mum.  

So, now I am on the search kind of, for one of the dresses like the 1st one...I know they were big like last year so I probably won't find one.  The ones I have seen have all been too short and the top part too small for my bust.  So sad.

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