Sunday, March 21, 2010

Project 10-Pan

Haha, so I am starting off my makeup postings with a post about how I am not going to be buying makeup. Yay. It's okay though, I used to have another blog as well so for makeup related things I am just going to move some of them over to here so it won't be dead on the makeup front for the next while.

So yeah, I am doing Project 10-Pan. Well, a semi-relaxed version which may or may not result in 10 used up products. P10P is when you commit to using up 10 items of makeup before you purchase another. For anyone out there who has seemingly suddenly acquired more eyeshadows than there are colours in the visible light spectrum, or has 7 different black eyeliner pencils that all give the same result...this is a great help. My relaxed rules on this are due to the fact that I don't own more than one or two mascaras at a time, and I only usually have one liquid foundation at a time. So once those are gone, they're gone. So I am allowing purchases of foundation and mascara (but only when I run out).

So the products I am hoping to get done with in order to buy more stuff are:
Jane Blush duo in Glow/Earth. I have a tiny bit of the Glow left, that should be done in a few days because it breaks apart more than it gets used up now.
Jane Blush single in Earth. Haha, this is an awesome colour, so when I used up the duo in this, I bought a single. It's rather, easily used up because it comes out of the pan easily. So I think within a few weeks I'll be done this.
*Random* Powder Mix. I had the smallest bit left of some cheap NYC mineral veil I bought while away for Xmas, then I mixed that with some cornstarch and some slightly too dark for me Physician's formula mineralwear powder, so I made some random loose powder I use to set makeup. It will probably last a few weeks.
Rimmel Mono Eyeshadow in Sugarbabe. I've hit pan on this and I occasionally use it as blush if I want a pinker look, so if I use more pink eyeshadow looks, It'll probably last a month.
Avon Colortrend eyeshadow in White Diamond. I've had this forever, its almost all pan, but I don't use it much so it will probably also last a month.
Maybelline Dream Mousse shadow in Plum Paradise. I don't even know I got this because I don't think I would ever buy this for myself. Haha, I was using it as blush a bit too. If I try hard, it might be gone within a month.
MAD Minerals sample eyeshadow in Spruce, Fire Opal, and Envy. I'll count these as one total because they're little baggies and not full size. I have a bunch of other samples as well in different colours but these had less in them or something because they're running out faster. They could potentially be gone in a few weeks.

I think that's is, which isn't 10 at all, but I also have already used up my favourite lip balm (Bonne Bell Vitagloss2O) and then I have a bottle of L'oreal Studio HotStraight creme for hair that is running out. It will maybe last a few weeks depending on how often I blow dry my hair.

And it's been over 2 years since I have bought any hairdye, so that should count for something. :P

- Love, Becka.

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