Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome! First post...

So I got inspired and decided to make a new blog on blogspot because it has a nicer layout in my opinion. This won't specifically be a makeup blog, but that's probably what I'll mostly talk about. That or hair or fashion or knitting or whatever random bits there are in my head. The title "Cake for Days" is kinda an inside joke with my and my boyfriend, Sean. It was a couple birthdays ago and I had received several cakes and had baked my own and all that. So I joked that I had enough cake to last for several days...or...cake for days. And then I decided that I would make a "bubblegum-punk" band called that. But the likelihood of me being in a band is slim to none, so thus I'll use it as a blog name.. Haha, how lame is that. So....yeah...That's it I suppose. I'll probably be posting more during the summer months than what will start out with because I am in school. I think the next post will be a "get to know me" post with answers and shiznatti.

- Love, Becka.

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