Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review: True Match by L'oreal

Okay, so I am a bad girl and haven't uploaded my photos from my haircut yet. I am notorious for not uploading pictures. I'll take loads and loads and then never do anything with them except let them sit on my hard drive until I move them to my external hard drive where they "rot" away into nothing. Haha.

On with the review!

Brand: L'oreal
Name: True Match
Colour: N1
Cost: It was around 12 bucks at wal-mart.
What I liked: I liked the bottle, somewhat. And I like how liquidy it is, it runs well without getting all over the place easily. I liked how it has built in SPF.
What I disliked: I cannot seem to get this foundation to not look gross on me. It looked fine the first day, but after that no matter how I apply it, it looks cakey and just accentuates pores and bumps and lines. It seems to sit on top of my skin and then just disappears after a couple hours.
Would I Buy it Again: I would only buy this again if I had amnesia and completely forgot about how much I hated it.

I know some people love this stuff though, so honestly, try it out if you want to. Also, when I tried it over top of a bit of primer that I had sampled it seemed to work a bit better, but I don't actually own primer yet, so I can't give a good review of it over primer. I will be getting primer (present from boyfriend yay) this weekend at some point so I shall make an amendment to this as I try it out.

- Love, Becka


awful beautiful disarray said...

OMG I know! I tried it because so many people raved about it (kind of like Colorstay- bad choice there too) and I hated it! And if you check out the ingredients... can you say terrible for your skin. Glad I'm not alone!

Awesome blog btw! :)

Lleyow Baguette said...

I sampled it in the shop and hated it. It's not oil free if I remember right, and all foundations that are not oil free have that effect on me.

Bombshell Becka said...

Ashley, I wanna try colorstay still. It's hit or miss with foundations, I know some ppl who hated Trublend from CG, but I loved it.

Jo, here it is oil free so I have no idea still why it's just crap.

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