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I always think of things to post about as I am doing makeup in the morning, but I don't blog until after classes are done. This leads to me forgetting what I was going to blog about and having to do more thinking while I sit with the "new post" open. Heh. So here's some filler from my old blog. All about easy makeup to get into.

Universal Flattery
So, are you just starting to indulge in the vice that is makeup? Don't know what to get your paws on, and don't wanna waste money on colours and stuff you won't really look good in off the bat? This is for you then!

Okay, So first off I shall make a disclaimer that I believe everyone can pull of every colour, it just depends on how you use it, and why type to use, and whatever. But that is more advanced makeup. Basic makeup is what most people wear and what most people want to know so here goes:

Absolute Basics:
Get yourself a good foundation that works with your skin-type. If you want just some sheer coverage because you have practically flawless skin anyway (lucky), go with a light tinted moisturizer, or buy some liquid foundation and mix it with your own moisturizer. If you want more coverage use a liquid or a cream. Or, if you want something natural that covers yet doesn't look, well, unnatural, then get some mineral foundation. Try to stay away from those formulas with Bismuth Oxychloride or whatever its called, cuz more people tend to have reactions to that one than other minerals.
I would also advise the getting of a powder foundation, either pressed or loose just to set your makeup for more "done up" days, or for a light "finished look" when worn alone for the dressed down days.

Get a good blush. Peach is generally a universally flattering tone. Going for a peachy pink is pretty good too. Tip with blush. Get a semi-bright looking colour. Then use a LITTLE bit of it. That way you get more bang for your buck.

Mascara. Everyone should wear it. Finding your HG (Holy Grail) of mascara can be difficult because there are loads to choose from, even within each brand. So start out at the cheap end rather than the steep end, because mascara is to be replaced really often (~3 months) so you may find that you love the results of the $5 kind and you never wasted any money on the $30 kind.

Tinted Lip Balm is the cop out of lipstick, but it's just so much more practical. Get something sheer, obviously, and get something that isn't that far off from your natural lipcolour so you can sweep it on without having to get out a brush and a mirror. Sheer nudes, pinks and corals are the best for the no-mirror touchups.

Okay, that is the absolute basics. It's what I would do if I was in a absolute rush and had like 5 mins to do everything at once. Now its time for something a little more advanced.

If you don't wanna waste money on colours you won't use, here are the colours which are going to look good on every eye colour, without special application processes.
Neutrals - This is obvious, neutrals go with everything. Get some browns, beiges, greys, creams.
Metallics - Can be a little more tricky in application, but still universally flattering, go with Coppers, Bronzes, Golds. You can do Silver too, but it kinda also falls with the greys in the neutrals.
Colour = Plum! This colour seriously brings out every eye colour. It has enough purple to bring out greens, and enough of a red to bring out blues and it has the brown undertone to enhance hazel and brown eyes. Getting a nice plum eyeshadow to use in a smokey eye just makes your eyes go POP!

Other eye basics: Get a good kohl pencil in brown and in black, learn to not use too much. Also get a liquid eyeliner in brown if you're fair haired or black if you can handle it. Learn how to use it by practicing a lot and tracing over pencil lines.

Lipglosses in a nude colour, similar to the tinted lipbalm talked about earlier, but more glossy.
Lipstick in both a good nude, a sheer red, and one that is one or two shades darker than your natural lips.
For special occasions get a nude lipliner and use that to line and fill your lips before applying the lipstick and it will last longer, plus because it's nude, if your lipstick wears off you won't have like a red outline on your lips.

It's nice to have a blush in a different colour which is suited to your skintone. If you're pale like me, get a hot pink blush. Seriously. That, just stepped out from the cold look is hot. Try to find a colour which is similar to the shade you turn when you realize you have been walking around with your skirt tucked into your pantyhose. Whether that be a plum, a red, a rose, an orange....k, maybe not an orange, but a peach.

Get yourself these brushes and tools, cuz they rule.
Powder brush - don't use the little pouf things that come in compacts, those get full of bacteria fast.
Blush brush - once again, don't use the ones that come in the compacts, in fact, try to not buy the blushes that have brushes, cuz thats a waste. Heh...
Eyeshadow brush - way easier to blend with if you use more than one colour, also easier to apply the shadow with
Big Fluffy Eyeshadow brush - for blending out the edges of where your apply your shadow
Mini Eyeliner brush - for practicing and applying liquid eyeliner
Lip brush - for special occasions of applying lipstick, when you need it to be perfect
Tweezers - cuz no one likes caterpillers growing on your face
Eyebrow comb/brush - for super hold, spray some hairspray into the brush and then brush your eyebrows to perfection
And, always remember to wash your brushes once a week or so.

On the P10P front, I have used up the one blush so far and am pretty close with and eyeshadow and another blush. I really want to buy more makeup!!! Heh, I'll get around this though because I am doing my sister's makeup for her wedding and so we need to get makeup for her. So I'll get the itch outta my system without breaking the rules.

- Love, Becka

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