Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Step By Step: Bronzed Babe

I decided to take pictures of every step of makeup I did this morning (afternoon? I don't remember when I did it). I started off today really lousy and barely got out of bed. I was kinda down because yesterday I was supposed to get a call about a job if I got it, but no call came. So I called today and it turns out they just haven't gotten my police check back yet which is why they didn't call. I'm supposed to call again tomorrow because they should be getting it tonight. So that perked up my spirits and I went and tanned in the sun for a while reading my hydrotherapy book (DIY tips to come another time) and then I went in to do my makeup.

This is the finished look

 Warning, pictures without makeup are coming up.

First start with a fresh clean face, and apply your favourite moisturizer.  I use Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew with SPF 15

Nice and shiney, yay.  So apply your primer next.  I focused mostly on the center of my face where I tend to get greasy and used my Rimmel Fix and Perfect.

Already it cuts down on some of the shine.  You can notice the line on my forehead of wear my hat was from being outside now that there's less shine.  Excellent.  So next step is foundation all over.  I used Almay's TLC liquid foundation in Buff and applied it with my fingers using a brush to blend the more difficult areas.

I am totally wearing a shirt in these pics btw, it's a tube top though so it looks like I'm nude.  I then applied a little concealor around my eyes, but it's hard to tell.  Here's the pic anyway.  I used some Revlon concealor in Light/Medium.

Then I evened out my eyebrows a bit with some sorta dried out gel eyeliner and a brush.  VERY LIGHTLY.  I always feel like I put too much on even if I didn't put any on at all.  Heh.  I used my dried up Avon gel eyeliner in Brown Pearl.

I wish I could pull of super lined eyebrows that are super defined, but I'm not that fancy.  I even like the look sometimes of shaved off eyebrows completely penciled in, but I would be scared of no makeup days then.  Next step was bronzer in the 3E sections of the sides of my face (forehead/cheekbone/jawline) just lightly dusted on with my duo fibre bronzing brush from Quo.  I used my NYC shimmer bronzer loose powder.

Looking a bit warmer I suppose.  Next was a peach blush on the cheeks. I used Jane in Earth.

Everything in this look is pretty shimmery.  The next things I did were a bit of hilight on the tops of the cheekbones, temples and up into the browbone a bit as well.  Then I lined my eyes with a black pencil, primed the lid and put on a little lip balm.  I used: Annabelle pigment dust in Prism as hilight, Avon glimmersticks waterproof liner in Black Raincoat to line, Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original to prime the lids and some Cherry flavoured lipbalm.

Then I used a shimmery light bronze/beige all over the lid.  I used the 2nd lightest shade on my Physician's Formula Shimmerstrips in Vegas Strip, but I think Stila's Kitten or a similar light shimmer shade would work well as well.

It's a subtle look.  The key is shimmer, not colour.  I then intensified it with a darker bronze shade into the crease and just above, focused mainly in the outer part.  I used the two darkest shades on the Shimmerstrips.

Once again, subtle.  There isn't going to be a main focus to this look.  It's not all about the eyes or the lips or the cheeks.  It's about the whole face looking bronzed and glowy and shimmery.  Next I applied a bit of mineral powder to my Tzone to tone down the shimmer there and keep oil at bay.  I curled my lashes and applied mascara and finished off the look with a shimmery pink lip gloss which is close to my natural lip colour.  I used Maybelline The Colossal Volum' mascara in Very Black waterproof, and Avon Glazewear lip gloss in Rave.

See? No major focus to any one part of the face, but everything is glowy.  Another alternative to the pink lipgloss would be a bronze gloss or a lipstick.  Try to keep it sheer or frosted to go with the rest of the look and try to stay within a few shades of your natural lip colour.  To step this up for a night out I would deepen the lip look slightly, sticking to the pink shade rather than the bronze, and I would add a bit more dark bronze to the crease and perhaps line with some gel liner in a bit of a cat-eye.

I finished my look with natural hair and some beachy earrings that had shells on them.

Hope everyone else is having gorgeous weather as well.

- Love, Becka


Jo said...

You look nakesy!!!!!!!
I love that look, I;m loving bronzes and shimmery browns ATM

Becka said...

I think the sun has been getting to me cuz it seems to be all I wear lately.

Helen [In Elegance] said...

Love this post and good for you showing a pic with no make up. I loved reading about the different steps to your make up routine.

Sarah said...

You look lovely :) x

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