Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My tips to beat the heat.

So we in Ontario have been having a crazy weather May.  The average temp for May is usually low to mid twenties.  Today the high was low thirties with a humidex of mid thirties.  It's crazy hot.  They say this will pass and get back to more seasonal levels soon, but if this is a taste of summer, it's gonna be a scorcher!

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Some things I like to do to stay cool:
- Loads of water; keep a pitcher in the fridge to always have ice cold water on hand.  If you don't like plain water, try Crystal Light (I personally can't drink the stuff after drinking it daily a few summers ago at work).
- Loose light clothing.  I absolutely love wearing sundresses that are breezy and light.  Ones that have built in bras are great too because that's one less article of clothing you have to have on.
- Keep the windows and doors in your house closed and covered (blinds/drapes) when the sun is on that side of the house.  It takes longer to heat up the inside if the sun can't get through.
- Have a fan creating a breeze in the evening.  Don't just set it up to blow on you, if you have your window open set it up so it's either blowing hot air out the window or cooler air into your room.  Ideally have a flow through, so keep your door open a smidge.
- Aloe gel.  Spread some on your arms and legs and chest and don't rub it in too much.  Let it evaporate and experience the cooling sensation.
- Similar to that is just to take some facecloths and wet them with cold water and then lay them on your body wherever you feel the heat the worst.  Keep removing them and putting them on again to let the water evaporate.
- Be wary of fake shade.  Haha...what I mean by this is something like a bus shelter, which might be shady, but it's still a semi-enclosed glass structure which basically is a greenhouse.  It usually is actually hotter and stuffier inside than in the sun.

Stay cool!
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Then there's always the usual things like try to stay out of the heat between 10-4 and don't stress yourself with too much activity.  And then as the weather network advised today "Public places offer free A/C."  I found that funny because obviously it's free?  They aren't charging admission to the malls in the summer or something.

What are some of your favourite beat-the-heat tips?  Besides investing in an air conditioner and cranking it up.  Haha.

- Love, Becka


Anonymous said...

Great tips, I hate shopping in the heat, so go to A/C shopping centres rather than walking around the streets.
We don't get scorching hot weather often here so when we do I usually stay indoors or in the shade.

Becka said...

In malls there are occasionally stores that use Halogen lamps and they aren't cool even with AC it's so weird. My other tip for heat is to listen to Reggae...it totally works.

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