Thursday, May 6, 2010

My *realistic* summer wishlist.

So I got the job! Yay! And to celebrate I already bought new mascara (L'oreal Voluminous, which seems to be everyone's favourite).  In other good news I went to my job-that-I-already-had today and my boss was in and told me that she was pretty sure I would be getting around 20hrs a week there this summer unless it was super slow at times.  This means that with both jobs I should be averaging around 30 hrs a week, which isn't full full time, but it will get my needs met.

So that means shopping!

I need to make goals of paying off my credit cards so I don't end up just spending most of my paycheck and then wondering why I have no money.  So I thought I should make a wishlist.  A realistic wishlist.  I have a separate wishlist for if I am able to pay off everything and have loads of excess cash, haha.

So here goes...

I think the first thing I am going to buy with my 1st larger paycheque will be some earrings I have been eyeing at Joe Fresh (Loblaws brand clothing/makeup/accessories) since January.  They're basic large faux pearl earrings, so I just found a random pic off google images.
The only difference is they're a bit more goldeny coloured and they aren't real.  They cost $7 so it's not much of a splurge.

The next thing I'll buy is just a basic pair of non-athletic sneakers.  Something I can wear to work and walk home in without feeling like I have crazy bulky running shoes on my feet and that could possibly look semi-decent in capris.  I don't have a pic of these cuz I don't know what I want them to look like yet.

I shall also finally be purchasing some Revlon Colorstay foundation.  This I think I'll purchase before June because I want to wear it to my sister's wedding that is coming up and I have heard/read that this looks great in pictures.  I am doing her makeup as well so if the colour works for her I'll use it on her as well.
The pic is from google images as are all of these pics...haha.  I probably will get this shade too (150 Buff) because I have tanned a bit and am no longer "buy the lightest shade and hope it's light enough" white.

The last realistic makeup purchase I'll be making is to get a decent nude lipstick.  I have a few lippies that one could classify as nude if one had to, but no true nudes.  So, ideally I would like to get GOSH's Darling, but I may settle for something cheaper (or I may get several, who knows).
The next thing I want to get this summer is a decent black pencil skirt.  I have none.  Well, I have three pencil skirts.  Two don't fit me as they're a touch too small, and the other one is shimmery silvery black, which isn't very subtle.  I want a nice, structured skirt that's plain black.
Finally I want a new pair of sunglasses.  Or "SunGs" as I call them.  I have several pairs already, but they are pretty much all wayfarer style.  I have one pair that isn't.  I want some aviators.  These are hard to get right on some people, and I have found a few that I love, and a few that look I think if I find another pair I love I'll go ahead and get it because, well, I want it.

So there's my wishlist.  Tell me about things you want.  On my non-realistic wishlist there is a MAC 15 eyeshadow palette all filled, and a 6 blush palette all filled and a load of Urban Decay eyeshadows and some high end foundations...but I think I should wait to see if I can afford any of that before I go and get it.  ;)

- Love, Becka

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