Thursday, May 20, 2010

Review: Avon Smooth Minerals Lip Tint

Photo taken from the website. 

Brand: Avon
Name: Smooth Minerals Lip Tint
Colour: I have this in "Smooth Nude" and "Smooth Shimmer"
Cost: The website says they're $3.49 at the moment.  I think that's about right.  I actually got them because my Mommy decided to buy them for me.  Thanks Mom!
What I liked: I love the smoothness of them.  They definitely live up to their name.  They are pretty sheer but still give some colour.  The Shimmer one is like a nice cross between a gloss and a balm IMO, and the Nude one is darker than what I would call nude but it still is close to my natural lip colour and works well.  I like the packaging, reminds me of the Softlips balms.  They go on smooth, they make your lips feel nice and they've got minerals in them which are nice. 
What I disliked: The smell isn't all that great.  It's certainly not horrible or strong, but it could do with some sort of yummy scent rather than a waxy scent.  I also had trouble putting the product down in the tube.  It goes up fine, but it took a bit to get it to go back down which could be a problem if you put it up too high.  Also I notice in the ingredients it's not exactly groundbreaking in substances...just your basic oils/waxes/etc.  And it may contain carmine which if you're against that sort of thing then this is no good.  I would think only the Berry shade though would have it, but you never know.
Would I buy this product again: Probably, but I am sure there are other products that can give you the same results so it's not something I would rush to get.

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