Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunny NOTD + Earrings!

I had the day off today semi-unexpectedly because my one work called yesterday and said a few people had cancelled so there wasn't any use for me to come in.  Kinda sad but that's how the industry goes.  So I've had a relatively boring day with the hilight being going to Best-Buy to get a new mouse.  My mouse decided to stop clicking.  My dad tried to fix it but it still takes a lot of force to click the mouse and occasionally it doesn't work.  My computer is slow enough without having to deal with a touchy mouse so I shelled out the $21 to get a new optical mouse. 

On to the nails! I tried a few days ago to paint them yellow in the sun, but quick drying nailpolish + heat from the sun + wind = dries way too fast = sticky lumpy mess.  So I tried again today and I love the result.  I used a combo of 2 layers of Sally Hansen Instadri in Lightening and Claire's brand nailpolish from the non-neon rainbow set.

The SH gives the opacity, but it's a creme colour so it's hard to get it perfectly even without doing 3+ coats which is ridiculous, so I put the Claire's on top because it has a bit of shimmer which helps smooth over imperfections, plus it added more of a Taxicab yellow as the SH is a bit too light for what I like.

Natural light kinda makes it less awesome yellow colour.  Heh.

So yesterday I deposited my pay from my 1st job at the bank, they're still paying me under minimum wage because wage just went up provincially.  Haha.  I'll put a note on my next fax over to the accountant.  But I went out and bought the pearl earrings from Joe Fresh at Loblaws.  I've wanted them since Xmastime and I thought I might be pushing my luck to wait much longer as they're adding more styles now which means older styles usually get cut.  There were only two pairs in the white left so yay. I added a penny for reference as they are really huge faux pearls.

One of them has some red dots on it on one side, which is annoying, but they don't show up when wearing them so I don't mind.

I also got these cheapo earrings at my 2nd job because someone had left them in my desk (brand new, not like random leaving them in desk).  Apparently she was trying to get rid of them, so I took them.  Haha.

They're goldtone in case you can't tell.  I wish they were silver, but they're free so I'm not complaining.  They might just not get worn as much.  Now, though, I am in need of a proper earring holder for my stud-backed earrings.  They're all jumbled in a drawer for now.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather wherever they are, it's been nice out this whole week.

- Love, Becka


Jo said...

I LOVE the nails! and the pearl earrings are gorgeous.

Onyx said...

Love the yellow. Very summery. Painting my nails bright colours always cheers me up whenever I look at them!xXx

Becka said...

I love yellow but I can't wear it in large quantities because it makes my skin look grey. So nails are the perfect amount.

KB said...

If I ever painted my nails...this is the colour I would want.

Becka said...

Kelly! I think of you whenever I see yellow things.

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