Thursday, May 13, 2010

Urghh so sorry

I haven't posted in a week.  I started my 2nd job last Friday and I worked all weekend as well because they want me trained and able to work by myself by this Sunday.  So much pressure haha.  The Sunday's are pretty dead at a pay-day loan company though so, I'll be okay for sure. 

The major thing which has been going on in my life related at all to makeup/beauty/health seem to have come into contact with some lovely poison ivy a week or so ago, on the back of my leg.  Yay! Not.  It is seriously the worst thing ever.  I have had my legs covered in mosquito bites and have it itchy and stuff...and this is worse.  I had to put anti-itch stuff on all the time and even then it would itch because my pants would brush against my leg.  I would wake up at 4AM or 5AM with my leg ON FIRE practically and I was scratching in my sleep.  I really hope it doesn't scar at all because I scratched so much. 

So I went to the Dr's and she wrote me Rx for some cream for it, but, because my Dr is practically the worst Dr in Ontario...she didn't put the strength of the cream on the Rx.  And so when I get to the pharmacy they call her, she doesn't do phone-in prescriptions, so they fax over the request.  She doesn't fax back.  That was yesterday.  I checked in today and they still never heard from her.  It is now 10:30 PM and I still haven't heard from the pharmacy, which means they have yet to hear from her.  She isn't busy.  There is no excuse.  It's really annoying because it's not like my rash is just sitting there being patient while this is all going on.  It is getting somewhat better, but still itches like mad.  Argh.

Right now Lanacane extra strength anti-itch creme is my favourite thing.

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