Saturday, April 24, 2010

Night Out

So on Thursday I had an exam and we were going to go out that night because the morning class on Friday was cancelled.  I thought I had to work though, so when my boss left a message saying it wasn't busy at work and I didn't have to come in, I was super excited!  We started out the night at my friend's house and then later walked over to the school for the 1st annual Drag Show!  It was so much fun!  This totally wasn't something I normally would do, I am normally a homebody and love just lounging around and I don't go out much...but sometimes all you need is a completely opposite night.

I was getting ready and decided I needed to be fabulous looking so I went a lot brighter with makeup than I would normally wear out, and then as a final touch I added sparkles under my eyes a bit because, hey, we're seeing drag queens here...there needs to be sparkles!

Pics after the jump.

Haha, at my facial expression.  The yellow is a craft pigment, and then the green is NYX in lime, there's a tiny bit of MAD minerals in Wishful in the crease (it's a blue) and then lined my eyes with Blacktrack Fluidline by MAC (I did my waterline too and it stayed all night!)

And some pics from the night.

I don't know why I am laughing so hard in this. 

She was the best of the night, she was also the host.  There were a lot of drag kings too, which was fun, but not as fabulous in my opinion.  And there was one queen who was really shy, I suppose.  She really wasn't into it and it wasn't all that exciting to watch. 

Between sets we all danced and me and a few of the people I was with were the first ones on the dance floor it was hilarious.  That was something I normally wouldn't do at all (and yeah, I had a little liquid courage for it.)

- Love, Becka

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Leah said...

That sounds like a fun night :) Your makeup was GORGEOUS!

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