Friday, April 2, 2010

I am not cut out for being a hacker...

So I asked in my last post about making "read more" cuts like you can have in LJ.  Well so I googled it and found a bunch of sites giving me html coding for creating the cuts.  I went through and tried to figure it all out, copying my template and expanding wigets and whatever else they have you do.  And it wasn't working.  Seriously, I was frustrated.  The best option I had found, I followed the instructions perfectly and then it wouldn't let me save at all because I was missing a closing around a "div" or something.  Now, I have always been stellar at following instructions to a T (if they are well given anyway), so I was quite upset that I wasn't getting anywhere.  But I eventually figured it out.

Obviously, because there it is.  Lol, actually my issue was that I was still on the "classic editor" instead of the "new editor" and all I had to do was go to settings and click that little button to get it.  Luckily I had saved my template like the other hack sites told me to...otherwise I wouldn't have been a happy camper at all. 

So that's a little hilarious in hindsight.  Have a good Easter Weekend everyone!

- Love, Becka

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