Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mini FOTD - Dark Green

So I'm still sick, but I feel okay other than my nose being stuffed up and feeling like a pillow is inside my head. That didn't stop me from completely rearranging my makeup shelf. I blame the fact that I have a project to put together for yay procrastination!

For the FOTD I am just going to list the eye stuff because I'm lazy. Pics are after the jump.

NYX e/s in Lime
Fyrinnae e/s in Boy Toy
L'oreal e/s palette in Kerry's Bronzes, the lightest shade as hilight
The usual eyeliner and mascara

These are with flash if you're wondering.  I keep having formatting issues with this post and I don't care cuz I'm sick but it's kinda annoying.

And this is the product of my procrastination.

I don't know if I put a before picture in my stash post, but this is actually all my makeup now.  I have the pigment powders and such in there as well whereas before it was all in my traincase.  My traincase is now empty and I don't know what to do with it.  :(  I really want a set of drawers a bit higher than my shelf is at the moment so I can put all my makeup in there instead.  I'd wait until my birthday but that's a little far away.  Perhaps if I am able to pay off my credit cards this summer I'll splurge (on that plus makeup and clothing...haha).

- Love, Becka

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