Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My sore throat is gone. I am so happy about this. I absolutely hate sore throats and would rather have any other type of sickness (except maybe puking cuz I haven't done that in a long time so I think I forget how bad it is). I am still stuffed up and whatever, but it's honestly glorious compared to how I was yesterday. When I get sick I usually feel really out of it and get really silly and hyper at the same time. So I was making huge jokes and dancing around in class today. Then to make everything even more awesome I didn't have a client in clinic today so me and the other person who didn't have a client had some fun joking around and I got my hands massaged. Awesome! I got paraffin wax on my hands and elbows and now they're ubersoft. I am definitely investing in one of those for when I have a clinic of my own. :)

I also went on a walk this evening to the dog park near my house. I saw the cutest puppy ever and fell in love with it.

- Love, Becka

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Breanna said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!

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