Friday, April 16, 2010

All Dressed Up

And no place to go.  Well, actually I am not at all dressed up, I'm in lounge pants and a hoodie.  But I did do my makeup all extravagant because I was bored and wanted to post some look.  I decided to dig out my palette that I always forget that I put together and use just the colours in there for a look.  I'm actually hitting pan on one of them and it's kind of chalky texture so a lot comes out when  you put a brush in, so I think this one might get used up fast if I do looks with it more often.  Then I can count it in my pseudo P10P thing I'm doing.  :)

So yeah, I was bored, and I made this look.  If you have questions as to the colours used, just ask, cuz I don't feel like listing them.  Hopefully I'll be able to remember.

One of my fave tips that I used to use a lot when I wore really elaborate makeup almost every day was to put some black liquid eyeliner in the crease where you're putting black eyeshadow and it makes it even more intense.  Black eyeshadow never seems to get dark enough in crease work and that definitely works miracles.  I used gel eyeliner in this look, it gets similar effects but nowhere near as dark as liquid.  A trick is to get a crappy brush and paint the liquid on that and then dab it into the crease and then quickly (before the liquid dries) cover it with black powder to blend and intensify.

You can kinda see it's totally not well done though.

And for reference, this is me with minimal's amazing how it can transform a look.
Someone take me out please.  I haven't gone out in ages and I have no place to wear fancy makeup to.  :(


..R May A.. said...

Ooo I love your eye make up
I've never thought to use liner in the crease, I'm going to have to try it out :)

Jo said...

Eee I love it, you have really beautiful eyes and know exactly how to play them up. I think I'll definitly try liner in the crease too.

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