Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Brushes! + FOTD from yesterday

So a few weeks ago my boyfriend, Sean, was all like "hehehe" and I asked what and he told me it was a surprise.  Well, a couple days later we got in a bit of a tiff and to cheer me up he told me he had bought me some makeup brushes online!  He bought me this Sigma brush set and, like it says, it comes with a free foundation brush.  Well, they came today.  I got home late from my clinic and there was a package on the stairs with my name on it, I was super excited.  Pics of the brushes in they're cuteness after the jump, plus my aztec gold look I mentioned before...I did it yesterday and forgot to blog.

In their cute little pink packaging.

A gift? For moi?  Yay!

A free foundation brush!

The Main package, I love the little hearts on the card inside.

Cute little clutch thing for the brushes.

Inside the clutch.

Everything together without the plastic covers.  I love how they sent the free foundation brush to match the rest.

I realized that with my makeup collection pictures I never did a brush section...so I think I'll do that sometime soon.

FOTD yesterday. 
I attempted to foil one of my pigments, but it didn't work so well so I foiled "on gilded wings" by Fyrinnae instead and added "aztec gold" by Fyrinnae into the crease.  Pics are with flash.

In other news, it's my last week of school! I had one exam yesterday and I have another this Thursday, both in regular class time.  Then next week just Monday and Wednesday and then I am done 2nd year! Score!

- Love, Becka


Leah said...

Ooooh, that's so nice of him! Sigma brushes are very comparable to MAC, some people like them better. Good job Sean!

Also, the eyeshadow is gorgeous :)

Becka said...

They felt a little weird right out of the plastic, but it suggested to wash them first so I did with the rest of my brushes (they really needed it) and now they're ubersoft and i can't wait to use them.

..R May A.. said...

Hey, I nominated you for a blog award :)


Jo said...

That's so cute of Sean! And you look really stunning in those pictures.. your hair and makeup is so feminine and gorgeous.

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