Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quick Update of Mini Haul-age.

So I went back to the warehouse sale yesterday and got the other two colours of gel blush from Revlon (a peach and a cherry red kinda colour), and I got some anti-aging primer stuff which smells awful, haha. And then I got some Almay TLC foundation in Buff, some Revlon concealor in Light/Medium, some Neutrogena hair cream thing, and Revlon Colorstay lipstick in Sheer Watermelon. I LOVE the lipstick stuff. It does stay on pretty well, not through the whole day, but its a great sheer colour so it's no super obvious when it fades.

I then met up with my mom at Walmart and she bought me a new bra (I was dying to get a new one, it's so hard to find decent ones that aren't a billion dollars). We also go these two flowy cardigan things, one black, one grey. Hopefully I can get decent pics sometime, but they're comfy and will be great for a bit of a cover-up in the summer for work and stuff.

- Love, Becka

Ps: It's thunderstorming here and I love it.

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